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still settling in

Posted on: September 6, 2011

settling into our new place is still work in progress. The north-south CA trips wreaked havoc on whatever attempts at establishing daily routine we had. Our walls are still bare – need to hang all those dang paintings soon! Still no ceiling light in the living room – yet. Son’s taichi room, previously bare, now strewn with laundry on about 80% of its available surfaces (thanks god for the air mattress). Closet organization = 100% failed. OK OK, I know what’s our problem: THE KID NEEDS TO SLEEP MORE. The kid has been sleeping LESS for about 6 months now. YIKES and YIKES!! But there’s hope. First, she was waking up at exactly 8:30 a.m. regardless of bedtime. Then, just last week, she started waking up at 9ish. It must be the sun! The sun is setting off her internal clock. Does this mean she’ll sleep in until 10 in the winter??? Not that I’m excited about that prospect. I actually need her to wake up at 8:30 so that I can stick her to nap at 1:30 (meaning she *might* actually fall asleep by 2pm) so that I can put her into bed by 9pm and hope she would actually fall asleep in less than 1 hour. I know for sure that once put in school, she’ll sleep like a charm. Oh, right, I need to find a school for her too. Craps, I’m so behind.

At least I get to cross 1 significant item off my todo list: We got May a daybed. It’s the Hemnes from Ikea, very similar in concept to Chi’s bed, but $100 less. And we got it off of CL for $275 including mattresses, sheets, duvet cover, mattress pads… We push that bed up against ours, so May is technically in her own bed, but next to us. Son has been sleeping relatively badly for the last 2 months because all 3 of us have been sleeping on the queen size bed. It’s pretty OK, because May doesn’t thrash around much, but somehow Son was anxious about her falling off the bed (we had the head board at the foot, and the foot of the bed flushed against the wall; with each of us on either side and May in the middle, I don’t think falling off the bed should be the #1 concern… Oh well, maybe he’s too happy if that’s the source of his anxiety I guess…. May just has 1 bad habit, and that is she keeps on kicking the blanket off. We dress her warm enough to be without a cover, but at night when she does that, sometimes it leaves us cold too. I have since added one more comforter, but I think Son would continue to sleep badly as long as May is between the 2 of us, so now she’s back to her old sleep arrangement: off to 1 side, next to me.

Son starts work on the 6th – today. That means no car for us for the next 7 days. Time to break out that stroller and buy some BART tickets.


3 Responses to "still settling in"

Nha` chi. 4 na(m ro^`i ma` va^~n co`n few bare walls, many naked windows va` unopened boxes 🙂 Ta.i nghi~ khi ddo^?i nha` kha’c thi` phi’ tie^`n, phi’ co^ng, ma` cu~ng pha?i ma^’y na(m nu+~a mo+’i ddo^?i ddu+o+.c nha` kha’c … hahah…

I’m telling you! Ma’ng ca’i gia^y treo all dried qua^`n a’o le^n, va^.y ma` co’ some deco.

tha^’y nha` tui ko? wall cha? co’ gi`..kho^ng bie^’t khi na`o mo*’i ti`m ddo^` treo le^n..

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