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story time

Posted on: September 14, 2011

– mommy, can you tell me a story about the black cat?
– hmm… once upon a time, there was a black cat who ate a big piece of black cake. He also drank a big cup of black water, and then he brushes his black teeth and goes to sleep in a big black bed.
– …
– do you know why it’s all black?
– I don’t know
– Because there wasn’t any light, so everything was pitch black.
– …
– I think next time the black cat eats, he should ask momma cat to turn on the light so he could see more colors.
– …

2 Responses to "story time"

haha he should use glow in the dark toothpaste

“con ddo’ la` con gi`?”
– con bo`

love it😀

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