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USPS you did it again !

Posted on: September 15, 2011

I think it’s the mailman.

This is the 2nd time we have a big box, but it’s less than 20 lbs this time. I was waiting around all day yesterday and today, but no cigars. It was FedEx Smartpost, so the notification says it’s using the USPS for final delivery – I was waiting on purpose because of my last missing box experience. Tracking says it arrived at USPS yesterday and was out for delivery at sometime past 8pm last night, it was still out for delivery. Nothing was received last night.

today I checked, and the status changed, saying it was delivered at 4:27pm YESTERDAY.


Both Son and I were home yesterday at that time waiting for the fucking box, no fucking way.

Called local post office at 4:50pm today – no one picked up the phone. Nice. They just wanted to go home. Where is my fucking box now? I’m just gonna play love tag again with managers at my 2 local post offices starting tomorrow? Fuck.


That’s not all. This summer we temporarily had our mails forwarded to my sister’s address in Boston – we didn’t have a mailing address for a period of about 1 month, but there were important papers that we were expecting in the mail, so we didn’t want our mail on hold. After we have reached CA, Son filled out 2 individual mail forwarding forms in Albany, CA, mindful of the fact that my sister in Boston has the same last name as ours.

4 weeks later, my sister’s mails started reaching us. Her banks even changed her mailing address without her knowledge. Now her credit report has our address as one of hers. When I went to ask my local post office, they said “that’s how the system works, it sorts by last name – happens all the time.” Guy suggested my sister go sort it out with her local branch. Nice service. My sister went to her local branch and they said it was because Son filled out a form for “family move,” not individual move, hence it’s his fault.


They told her to redo all the forms: fill out 3 forms changing ours BOSTON > ALBANY and hers ALBANY > BOSTON. This was done 2 days ago. I’m still receiving her mail as of today.



2 Responses to "USPS you did it again !"

I feel you!
The same crap happens to me all the time with USPS the past year. They have gotten so bad. But don’t worry, from my experience, the box will come the next business day. The mailman or whoever updates the statuses are either lazy or stupid; or their track&update system is lousy where there is no option to change the status from “out for delivery” to “rescheduled”.

At any rate, USPS has failed me sooooo many time and I hate how carriers choose them for final delivery. I mean, even UPS does that shit now. Argh!!!

Good luck with the box. I hope you get it by Monday!

so early this morning i went to the post office to drop off some large envelope. the self serve computer was out of small labels. didn’t want to use the monster size one that would cover up the entire destination address, i went to the counter. about 11 pp in line, 2 pp behind counter. half hour later, i got my stamp and although first class mail claims it’ll be delivered next day, the lady told me “not guaranteed”. hopefully my stuffs get to the correct destination b/c it’s my reimbursement docs…

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