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new car

Posted on: September 20, 2011

“wanna go get a car today?”
“sure, if you want”

We were waiting to contact CoBa today for a playdate, but somehow the phone number I called just ended up in voicemail and no one ever called me back. Email also went unanswered, so what to do? Go get a new car, apparently. It has weighted on our minds since, oh, I don’t know, the year May was born? The need for a 2nd car became even more apparent once we got to the Bay Area, because Son now drives to work instead of walk as he has done in the past 3 years. Before May was born, I could walk/bus/bart freely in the Bay Area due to having lots of free time. Not anymore. Having a toddler requires a certain level of stability in daily routines, therefore an outing gets complicated now that she’s much heavier, we live way uphill, after dark the area is poorly lit, so walking is a no go. May and my daily activites get restricted if we don’t have a car. Don’t get me wrong, I will still try to BART and walk as much as I can – for shorter local trips. But any trip that takes more than 1 hour to travel to and fro alone will now move into the “drive new car” category.

We ended up buying a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for 18.5K, destination fees included, which is a decent price according to truecar.com. I used truecar.com website as Chi has directed me to in the past, handled price negotiation mostly through the phone, where i get the lowest bid and ask the dealer of my choice to match it. It took me about 3 hours, and then we spent another 3 hours at the dealership getting the paper work done. I did something stupid that I regretted greatly, which was putting my name in the car application, thinking that my credit score is very good, there shouldn’t be any problem with getting a low interest rate. Ack. Because I currently don’t have an income, that got me 3.99. If it were just Son on the application, he could have gotten 2.90 or lower. I asked them to make it happen, and the bank slapped us with a $185 pentalty charge, ARGH. Lesson learned: if no income, leave it to person with income to fill out application. Another thing I learned is that nothing will happen until you start forwarding one quote from one dealership to another, and then suddenly everyone get caught up in a bidding war and want you down immediately to make a deal.

Initially I was so new at this price negotiation thing, I was reluctant to do it, asking for quotes form dealers and just ignore them for days. I wanted to ask either Chi or Dave or even Gussy my brother in law to do it for me. But, sighs, I guess being a adult now does not leave me much room to do things for myself instead of depending on others, so I forced myself through the whole process. It turns out to be pretty good. The dealers I’ve dealt with are very willing to accommodate me, as long as I have done a thorough research and know exactly what I’m talking about. We got our car from Sean Solani at Capitol Mitsubishi in San Jose, and he’s pretty honest and straight forward.

Now it’s a great relief to both Son and I that we get to cross another big thing off our to-do list. Next major project is to tackle the relocation expenses reimbursement, which I have gotten most documents in order as of last week. Then after that, we mount stuffs on the walls of our house and then live happily ever after.


8 Responses to "new car"

hey congrats!! so who’s driving the new car? you or Son?

me mostly

woah, đổi đời rồi em iu há. Xe đẹp quá@!

Heheh … hy sinh playdate cu?a MK dde^? Bo`n ddi pick up xe ddu+o+.c vie^.c ho+n. La^`n sau mi`nh sang ddi xe mo+’i nhen … nho+’ ddu+`ng la`m do+ lol

wow, xe dde.p, be^n ddo’ kho^ng co’ tuye^’t ne^n xe tra(‘ng kho^ng so*. bi. do*

what happened to TOYOTA SIENNA????????????????
tis time to make room in garage for new car 😉

nice! congrats chi!

Có cái xe mới nên đi miết luôn hả? Hay là để cái xe mới lâu cho mọi người chiêm ngưỡng hihihih

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