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Posted on: September 29, 2011

I’m seriously slacking with updates on this blog, and I have NOT been watching dramas. Somehow my days pass by in a blur, and I always stumble into bed in the wee hours of the morning, having accomplished sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing. There are plenty of interesting things going on lately. Son’s loving his work. May is speaking English and also finally discovered the joy of exploring. I think she figures she’s OK with language development for now, so her next project is all about being active.

She jumps like a mad woman, climbs up everywhere with the help of her little Ikea stool, pulls out all my stuffs to closely inspect them, and then makes away with the tiniest objects – she likes them tiny because she can cram more of them into her palms. Last week she descended from the top of the stairs, and I saw that look in her eyes. Before I could say “oh no you don’t!” she already told me “I want to jump down there.” So we had to have a talk immediately about why it’s not a good idea to jump down the steps from the top of the stairs. She still tries. I let her do it on the bottom 3 steps (because the last 2 are much wider than the rest), but I still catch her jumping midway. I try my best to set up climbing points around the house to satisfy her needs. I set a tall stool right behind the back of the sofa, that way she can climb onto the back of the sofa and have a safe footing. The stool is wedged between the sofa’s back and a bookshelf, so I put random trinkets up there daily for her to explore. I switch the stuffs around. She’s also free to climb onto her toy chest, which is about 22 inches off the ground. The window reading area is also hers to climb, if she chooses to do so. Downstairs we don’t have much furniture, so climbing up our high bed is pretty much all she can do. Her days are all about jumping and climbing.

May is also enjoying her sense of independence. She mostly undresses herself these days (and putting them into the laundry basket while she’s at it), puts on and takes off her own shoes most of the time, throws away trash… She’s still pretty lax about it all. Doesn’t get upset if I chose to do these things for her instead. She doesn’t even insist on doing most of these things herself, it’s just that I tell her to do them, so she does.

She whines. Not too bad, but she does whine. Like when she’s annoyed that she has fallen, she’ll cry and insist that I hug her. Most of the times, her whines are all about me hugging her. Bed time is all about somebody holding her (more like cuddling or hugging), sometimes she’s so conflicted, she’ll say “mommy hold me! mommy let go! hold me! let go!” and it cracks us up. She’s like both of us in that we enjoy cuddling only at the beginning of bedtime. Once each of us fall asleep, we prefer to have our own space, so at night, all 3 of us could sleep in a queen bed without touching each other.

May interacts with other children. I think her newly acquired English makes her more confident because she can now understand what the other children are saying. She’s still very inexperienced in social settings with other children, but we are working hard to correct that. When May finds something she likes and other children are around, May thinks I’m her deposit box ha ha. We were eating dinner at the Circus Pub in Kensington, which has a play area for kids with toys, and mid way through our meal, I thought to myself, now why is there a dollhouse with a bear it it on out table?? May deposited it there to me when another kid entered her play area 😀

Thien is now family to her, so she comes out to greet Thien when she comes home at night, asks Thien to play with her, shares her favorite things with Thien, and is comfortable being alone with Thien for an extended length of time. I can’t say enough happy things about having a roommate in our house, a long time close friend who loves kids at that! When Son and I need to do something, as long as Thien is at home, we can leave May with her. We have not been abusing this privilege – we have only asked for her help once so far, and that was the day we had to go get my new car. Other than that, Thien generally plays with may for about 15-40 minutes at night for about 3 days/week – she does this because she enjoys it. Thien’s gone most weekend, Thursday-Monday, so while we share the house, Son and I have it for more than half of the time to ourselves.

Yesterday Son and I just made the decision to book a room in Monterey Bay area for Sun-Tues. Originally I wanted to do Sun-Wed, but Son has to work on Wednesday night, so we have to return on Tuesday. Pacific Grove is a monarch butterflies sanctuary during the winter months, so around early October is when they come down in droves, thousands and thousands of them everywhere. Back in 1998, I went to Asilomar Conference Grounds for a 2 days event, and fell in love with the place. We were staying in rooms that looked like cabins – except with really high ceiling. Some rooms have a fire place with a pile of firewoods for guest to use. Each building would have about 3-4 rooms, each with their own bathroom, but the doors could open into each other so that it’s like a house. Outside, there are fire rings and bbq pits. A short walk on the path through the wood leads straight to the ocean. AT night you can hear the ocean waves. If you are not part of a big conference group, you can still book rooms from the place, but you end up in a different section, which are more like hotels and inns. The prices can run steep – around $160/room/night. I found a place with very similar setting, but it’s across the street from the conference grounds, and got $129/night for a premium king suite with queen sofa bed. Jackie will be with us for 1 night. Son suggested that we get Chau’s family to come up too, but I think with the kids, it would make much more sense if we book a separate room for Chau’s family. For now we’ll just go down there with Jackie to see how the accommodations are. If we like it, we can come back and seek a group discount for 4-5 families. I would like that a lot. Pacific Grove is about 10-15 minutes from Monterey Aquarium, so that’s where we’ll be too.

People have asked me about putting May in school, since she seems ready. In a way, I can see how May will thrive and love going to school. But I’ll keep her home one more year. She’ll have the rest of her life to go to school and make friends, or go to work and learn new things. But I’m not sure she’ll have this much of my attention and time again once Son and I try for a 2nd baby in a year. So for now, I aim to take a lot of vacations with May, show her the world. Visit friends and family. Once a week we go to Kensington Pub to eat dinner with Thien, that way May can play with other kids in the play area of the restaurant. Saturday we spend mostly with Ma. Ti’m and her children – she tells me her kids thinks May’s their little sister now lol. Sunday we have brunch/lunch at Jim and Helen’s place, then hang out afterward until May’s nap time. Sunday evening May and I go back to Ma. Ti’m’s or hang out at Son’s sister’s house, while Son works out with Wally (my ex boss’s husband) in the same neighborhood. Weekdays vary, depending on Son’s schedule. If he has a long stretch of days off, we’ll either go down to OC or plan mini low budget vacations. If he works, then I take May out to places with kids, or we just lounge on the couch reading books, eating frozen squeeze yogurt while covering ourselves under warm blankets. All the house keeping works are mostly done by me, either late at night, or throughout the day, when May chooses to entertain herself.

About Son’s work schedule, I had a dream about it. When I told him about it, adding that I was glad it was just a dream, Son told me that actually it’s the reality. Awww shi.t. Initially we both thought Son’s work schedule is 7 days on, 7 days off. But because everyone has to take a fixed number of night calls each month, that throws the schedule off. So for example, son works 3 days shifts, then one night shifts, then he’ll have to take a couple of days off following the night shift, then he’s back on for another 3 days, then he’ll only have 4-5 days off before the next shift begin. And that’s when he only has to take 1 night shift. If he happens to take 2 night shifts in one 7 day stretch, then the days off will be even more broken up. So for now, we can’t really plan any OC trips yet, until Son can dictate which days he would like his night shifts to fall on. Son thinks he’ll be able to get this done for November. I hope so!

Thien tells me I’m living the life she’s always wanted. I said, and looking at you, I see the lost possibility of what I could have become. Heh.


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MK va^~n nha?y ca^`u thang, nha?y ba`n sang ghe^’, nha?y tu+` xe ra garage … du` na`ng bie^’t la` nguy hie^?m. Ma` me. na`ng thi` ghe’t trampoline ne^n vo+~n nha^’t ddi.nh kho^ng sa(‘m 🙂

my sister in law la^’y ca’i crib matress ra dde^? giu+~a living room cho tu.i nho? nha?y ddu`ng ddu`ng, it’s pretty satisfying…

ca’i con Katie nha` Chau last month no’ nha?y tu+` indoor slide trong pho`ng kha’ch sang ghe^’ sofa ma` missed it, ma(.t ngay 1 gash ba^`m ti’m or something like that, con ddo’ y nhu+ 1 con gia(.c. No’ vo+’i MK tu. la.i co’ nu+o+’c ma` go.i 911 soon

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