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Posted on: September 30, 2011

just kidding!! You can’t start calling me now.

Thien just came home last Thursday and said to me, “I’m going to drive home.” It was around 6pm, so I said, “Do it at 4-5am, don’t do it now.” We got into a brief discussion; I presented my reasons for suggesting that she should go at dawn instead of at night, and although she agreed with my reasoning, she said she was going on an impulse, therefore she just wanted to get it over with. I insisted that she reconsider, but told her that she’s an adult and whatever decision she makes, I don’t care much, I just felt that it wouldn’t be a prudent decision to drive alone in an old car on the 5 at night, so I wanted to say it to her in case something happens, then I wouldn’t feel that I have not tried.

Tuesday she came back and told me, “I should have listened to you last week and not driven home that night.” A really big bird ran smack into her car and the impact peeled a big chunk of paint from the roof of the car. Thien said it felt like an owl. I was like, wtf?? Who would think that there might be a giant suicidal owl on the 5 waiting for you in the dark?? Now there’s one more thing for me to worry about when driving at night. Oh, and I have seen a big ass deer prancing around my neighborhood at all hours.
“Looks like next time you should really listen to me then!”
“I’m going to listen to you from now on.”

Oy, she really is my kid, this girl.


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