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beating the homework blues

Posted on: October 6, 2011

Is your kid watching too much tv and not reading enough? Is your kid a slow reader? Not interested in reading? Slooooow ass homework doer because said kid struggles with reading and writing? oOne thing I would recommend is to let them watch tv, but when they watch tv, turn the volume down to about a 12, then turn on the captions. Expose them to foreign movies and shows, but let them watch these with subtitles, not dubbed. Over time, they will get used to simply reading the words on the screen, become great spellers, and read really really fast, just like me lol. The ultimate test is when you turn on Excel Saga and if your kid is able to read every single line of subtitle in that anime series, he/she is ready for college.

6 Responses to "beating the homework blues"

Ý kiến hay. Sẽ làm theo🙂

Hahahaha what a great idea!

Thiệt hong đó, hay ghẹo người ta😛

good idea. Con tui gio*` coi Mulan 4x/day

the^` tui kho^ng bie^’t no’i do’c

it worked when N was learning to read😉

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