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what other illness?

Posted on: October 12, 2011

Right. It’s this thing called Roku, which allows this household to stream stuffs from online directly into our TV – not everything online, just sites that are compatible with this little device. So Son is glued to Netflix or the Cooking Channel when he’s home, and I’m glued to DramaFever and Crunchyroll whenever possible. So first I had this illness called Goong. Lol. I saw it back in 2007 and ran screaming the other way, but somehow – must be the sign of aging or that I have now graduated to the level of hardcore drama fan ? – now I’m all loving it. It didn’t stop there. I fished up this old thing called “Lovers,” starring Jim Jung Eun – one of those people I didn’t really care to see, because her drastically altered face bothers me whenever I see her – but now I don’t mind her in this series at all. The fact that Lee Seo Jin looked uber hot in this series definitely helped, I have a soft spot for characters with cute details, such as a gangster who’s allergic to alcohol and has diabetes…

Then I moved on to Capital Scandals, had fun with it for about 3 episodes, and then started to lose interest. Funny thing is, 2 days ago my queue for kdrama shows were like about 3 series deep, but suddenly today, I lost all interests. I don’t know if this is psychological or hormonal. Why am I so edgy and annoyed the last two days is beyond me. This morning I was down right angry at anything and everything. Sort of the first time for me.

So this is how Son must have felt for the last 2 years. Time to start implementing a regiment of physical exercise as well as a daily routine to get me through the day. And get more sleep? Probably


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can’t be puberty nor pregnancy…menopause it is!

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