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recent affliction

Posted on: November 4, 2011

Life’s been happening around here rather excitingly, interestingly, amusingly, sadly, and everything else in between – you know, the usual. There had been ups and down and all around, yada yada, but I’m skipping blogging about it because I’m once again a lazy bum. Let’s just rush to the point so I can go back to watching more of this stuffs:

This show is currently listed on viki.com as “Can you hear my heart,” others list it under “listen to my heart.” Whatever. It’s rubbing me all the right way and makes me feel sorry that the 30 episodes have been watched. It deserves all the hypes it got. I’m putting another review up online because the synopsis that the show was sold under is utter crap. No wonder I didn’t feel interested in it at all until I ran out of things to watch one night, and then 6 hrs later, I reluctantly left for bed at 7 a.m. If you run across the official synopsis of this series, just ignore it and watch for yourself.

Let me count the ways in which this series makes me purr:
2 hot male leads
2 hot male leads sleeping in the same bed together
2 hot male leads sleeping in the same bed together and professing their love to each other – uh, brotherly love
(ok, seriously, it’s not as kinky as it sounds, it’s just a good joke done well, kudos to the director and actors for nailing these super cute scenes)
a straightforward love story between male lead and female lead – not marred by misunderstanding, mistrust, pride, prejudice, etc. etc.
2 super duper awesome performances from the grandma and idiot-father characters.
children actors with faces that actually RESEMBLE their adult counter parts
poor people actually dress poor, even if that includes the young cute female lead.
uber cute moments between male & female leads who treat each other with love, respect, and understanding, but goofy and full of tease at the same time
really really good closing scene
great handling of dramatic moments – enough tenderness, but not rub-it-in-your-face corniness

The show has short comings that I can live with because its tone remains consistent and endearing to the end. Some show tries hard to punch you with the wow factor, but this show somehow comes across as being very sincere and humble. Watching Nam Gung Min (this guy has the funniest name, the chinese characters of his name means “Male Citizen” lol) is fun. The guy’s acting needs some fine tuning, but the “I’m about to cry” frown on his face, given his bone structure, cracks me up.

Lastly, viki.com – how come I have not seen this site before? I’m sure Linh KS knows all about this site, I’m such a late comer. Viki.com has team members inserting comments on top of the fansubs (English sub runs on the bottom, comments runs on top) and the comments made my day. During really dramatic moments, I can’t help but grin because of comments like “her bras was black when she was in the room and now it’s white, wtf ?” or “you can see the microphone relfected in the tv behind them,” or “this is the same house used in Shining Inherritance, lol lol.” During the villain moments, the comments about “wow this guy is really a scumbag” or “she’s always putting her foot in her mouth isn’t it” just really adds to my overall enjoyment of the show.

In my own defense, I actually attempted to put up something semi-cerebral last week, but the laptop’s battery ran out and I lost the translations I had worked so hard on for 1 hr or so. I gave up after that and resumed watching kdrama. Maybe I’ll regain my IQ soon and post something that make me sound less boy crazy 😛

p.s. I didn’t cry

p.s.2 : actors who rock the mop-on-the-head haircut that is the current raging fashion:
1. Huyn Bin (hands down the finest mophead)
2. Kim Jae Won

People who shouldn’t try to pull one, but look OK in one since they are good looking to begin with:
1. Lee Dong Wok
2. Nam Gung Min
3. Ryu Jin
4. Lee Min Ho

People who shouldn’t have a mop:
1. Cha Seung-won (worst mop head EVER – shiver)
2. Lee Seo Jin


5 Responses to "recent affliction"

Tui ddang ddo*.i cho no’ co’ lo`ng tie^’ng Viet coi ne`. Tui la` big fan cu?a Kim Jae Won, coi almost all of his dramas..

OMG, now you have risen!

Chưa coi phim này, đang coi tập 5 của Scent of a Woman since I love Kim Sun Ah.

Sơn looks like Lee Seo Jin, if you have not noticed.

Trang – just the jawline, no dimples, which were the biggest attraction lol
tango scene in Scent – whew, is it hot in here or what!!
mark the song posted in this entry, Trang, you’ll see it surfacing in a later episode of Scent. It’s called “Us Again”

Tran, KJW looks the best in this series, must watch. Tui tha^’y coi sub la` fun nha^’t, ta.i KJW’s voice is awesome. Viki.com la`m tui cu+o+`i so much ta.i during the kisses, tui bi. so distracted by comments appearing left and right on the screen “REPLAY” and “I’m rewatching this 5 times already” etc. etc.

I’ve heard his voice in some other series already. I hate reading sub, making my eyes really tired so I’ll wait for Viet dub, probably coming soon.

oh yea viki and the glorious City Hunter days hmmm
You told me about epdrama, which I had no idea existed and was as fast if not faster than viki, so I thought of course you knew viki! I used to love comments on viki until one day I was in the middle of an adrenaline spike then suddenly several comments popped up that bashed female lead. It was very harsh (& stooopit). What a turn off. Much preferred epdrama.

“Can you hear my heart” – oh no, that’s exactly Keichan’s mushroom hair when he was two 😦

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