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attention span shortening

Posted on: November 10, 2011

i think i’ve pretty much covered all bases for a little while with drama watching. During this whole period of MIA, I’ve covered:

Goong – watchable, forgetable
My Princess – watchable, enjoyable, forgetable, cute main actress
Shinning Inheritance – enjoyable, forgetable, horrible hairdo for main couple
Partners – finally found a place where I could watch this series, like!
The Devil / Mawang – moody, entertaining, Shin Mina shines, recommended, but unhappy ending, overall a total downer
Can You Hear My Heart – swoon
Protect the Boss – gave up after 2 episodes, don’t like main lead actress
Boys Over Flowers – ugh, bleh
Personal Preference – fun esp. with all the LMH fans swooning constantly commenting throughout the show, but my patience is wearing thin after episode 13. They should have done a 16 ep. series instead of extending it.
Damo – I swear I cannot get into sageuk stuffs. Gave up after 20 minutes of distracted wiewing
Lovers – Lee Seo Jin, you’re so hot with those dimples.

I think the extreme sleep depravity is now biting me in the ass, so it’s probably wise to walk away from Kdrama for a while. Hopefully the current hair covering top 1/2 of face trend will go away soon, it’s very distracting to see 8 dramas in which all male characters sport identical hairdo’s….

3 Responses to "attention span shortening"

Bà này lậm HQ nặng quá rồiiii

wow…coi dzu*~, coi Dong Yi ddi, tui nghi~ hay ho*n Damo and 2 lead actors trong phim ddo’ dde.p and cute.

tui kho^ng coi sageuk ddu+o+.c Tran o+i, trong ddo’ tui bie^’t co’ Lee Seo Jin ma` tui cu~ng nhai 0 vo^… Damo nga(‘n tu?n ma` tui coi 20 phu’t xong tui de.p ro^`i …. cha(‘c ta.i tu.i no’ ma(.c nhie^`u ddo^` qua’ tui tha^’y 0 co’ co+ may lo^.t ra lol

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