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hello Cl2 my old friend…

Posted on: November 16, 2011

Thien and I have been discussing The Hair matter for 2 months now, both of us looking as if we are ready to be casted for the next horror movie featuring ghosts with long crazy hair. Thien’s in favor of a straight perm for hers, I’m going the other way, wondering if I should try out a setting perm or cut it short into a bob again.

Then next thing I know, I was dragging Thien to the El Cerrito pool this week and making her swimming laps with me. Son has a short break in between 20 days of work this week – 2 days off – so I took advantage of that and went back to swimming. So maybe in about 2 months, if I keep this up, I’ll be walking around with nice firm abs, but hair looking crazier and crazier, courtesy of mucho chlorine seeping into it day after day. I’m so tired of washing my hair at the end of swimming laps that there’s only one possibility now: short bob it is. In about 2 weeks, when Son gets another break in between shifts, I’m going to lose 1 lb of hair.


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