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Posted on: November 17, 2011

I’ve never considered myself to be one who runs after whatever is trendy, fashionable, hip, etc. etc.. I always follow my own whims and fancies. Base on that, I should come out looking pretty original, no? But on the contrary. The only reason for me to look anywhere original in terms of taste and preferences is due to the lack of things I would have acquired if they were free; or if I cared enough to acquire them. It seems like a LOT of things I had taken an interest in became popular trend shortly afterward.

I know in marketing, they are always interested in trend setters and cool people who are most likely to set off the next fad. But these people are actually passionate about their taste and actually do something about it, and they are also the ones who start doing things much earlier before the rest of the world catch on. Me, I don’t do anything, mostly wistful thinking if any, and then very soon, I start seeing the exact thing I wanted showing up everywhere and I’d be all happy that I can now get what I want without having to spend too much time searching for it.

One example is the tight fitting men shirts. I started looking around for some in 2008. Whatever slim fit or extra slim fit shirts I could get my hands on (provided that they are more than 50% off). Back in 2008, unless they are tailored and custom fitted for a significant amount of $$$, the dress shirts were not tightly fitted enough to my liking (Son wears them, not me), and a lot of clothing lines that I regularly shop didn’t seem to care much about that sort of demand. Then in 2010, I saw a 2009 K drama with men in tight fitted shirts and I made a mental note to look for “Korean fitted dress shirt” on ebay. Still too expensive, so I gave up. And then shortly after that, the trend hit the US market. Express Men, DKNY, Gap, Banana Republic, and a bunch of cheaper department store brands came out with fitted dress shirt with spandex in the material. That’s what I was looking for. And only then did I start buying some. The trend setters would have put their foot down and go hunt for some way back in 2008, not just thinking and waiting like I did.

another example is Danish modern furniture. I’ve always loved that shit to death, but I never made any attempt to actually acquire any. I like to see them in catalogs, see them on display, see them in other people’s houses, and I would mark different pieces and imagine them all together in my house some day – it’s all in my fantasy. The last time I got me some big bucks, I checked, and do you know what’s the most sought after mid-range antiques in my area for the last 3 years now? Danish modern stuffs. Probably what it means is, the whole Bay Area was fantasizing about Danish modern furniture right along with me, and around the same time I can finally afford to think about getting some, they are right there with me as well.

This does not only happen in objects. Music, art, films, it’s all happened. I’m originally mass produced. Who wants to anticipate the next popular trend? Ask me what I have been daydreaming about lately.


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