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Posted on: December 6, 2011

slowly coming out of hibernation mode these days. Son’s work schedule from somewhere close to hell is killing both of us, me because I have to assume 100% laundry responsibility, something that puts me in extra foul mood like no hormones can. But I’m coming to terms with it, doing about 50% of the ironing and folding in front of the TV, which is not really productive, since watching Kdrama requires reading subtitles – I don’t do dubs. Anyhow. We’ll live.

May’s growing by leaps and bounds these days, and my lazy ass is failing to record all the precious moments because camera #1 is dead, camera #2 is missing a battery charger, courtesy of my last organization attempt, and camera #3 is, oh I don’t know, missing some component that I can’t remember – I really need to ask Trang about this. Sighs. Oh, and camera #4, courtesy of Black Friday, is, um, still being shipped ??? ARGHHHH WHATEVER. May’s playing independently, speaking English, singing longer songs, recalling facts from long time ago – uh oh….hmmmm

I was showing a bunch of her sleeping pictures from various trips, and asked her “where’s this? whose house?” She was able to identify the correct houses by looking at just the bedding, since these sleeping babe pictures were all close up shots.

She’s not going to be an artist. We stopped along the road for me to point out art works done by local elementary students on display – a brilliant splash of fall foliage colors – and the only comment I got out of her was “it’s too hot” (weather-wise).

2 days ago I was angry big time because she failed to nap. I know. If I were rational and reasonable, I would just be all cool about it – the kid really did try for 2.5 hours lying patiently in bed… But because I was having a particularly bad day, I told her that I was very angry with her, and walked out of the room. Later that night when we were all asleep, May sat up straight in bed, looking at the door, and pleaded with her eyes half closed “Mommy please come back, I won’t make you angry anymore.” It was as sincere of a plead as I have ever heard. Her face was wet when I crawled over to collect her. Poor kid.

In an attempt to spend more time with her, we went out for a walk this morning at 11am. 4 hours and 4+ miles later, we got back home, crawled into bed, and passed out in each other’s arms for 2 hours. That would have been great for my “get back in shape” plan if I hadn’t eaten that 2nd bowl of noodle tonight. It’s Son’s fault. I made it for him, but he was glued to work for more than 30 minutes, and I wasn’t going to let the noodles expand and turn into crap…

Jimmy Bean’s is having their 3-course-for-$15 dinner menu recently – oh maybe not so recently, since we just got back to the Bay Area not too long ago – and everything’s looking good. Today I tried out their dinner item, but since it was lunch, I got my ass charged $17 for it minus the other 2 courses, sighs. Just to push my luck, I shoved arugula and shaved fennel into May’s mouth along with the risotto – oh hey, she ate it all up. So now I can brag that my kid eats arugula – as long as she’s starving.

I spent a month in September obsessively searching high and low for a balance bike at a decent price, but used ones around here were going for $70+ on average, which really pissed me off. I lost steam and gave up until tonight, when I saw that mamasbargains.com has brand new ones for $54. And these are the one of the lowest built ones, meaning May has a good chance of being able to ride it at her height. So with Son’s blessing, she’s getting a bike for xmas.

I’m thinking of decorating the house for xmas. I’m still thinking about it. When I see all shinny and sparkly things on sale at Target, I get excited. But then the thought of packing them away and shoving them into the garage once the holidays are over, ugh… I don’t like it… Will have to think some more. May doesn’t really care about decorating the house. Right now she has her thing – a 99 cent Advent calendar (chocolate filled) with a Christmas tree print from Trader Joe’s. Son opens it with her everyday as soon as he gets home from work. When she hears him at the door, she runs out, greets him with “welcome home daddy – daddy open the Christmas tree for me!” That’s pretty cute.

on a different note: cold weather is bringing all sorts of spiders into my house. Son swears not to kill any spiders, so he catches and releases them. When those mofo runs back inside and Son’s not around, I send them into their next incarnation. I swear if I step out onto the deck and see the black beefy one Son just released today still hanging out there, he’ll advance into a different species next.

Son must have been fed up with my drama watching, and took the initiative to borrow books from the local library. So now I’m back to reading – not voraciously, but at least, I’m reading.

I need a bike. Driving is making me fat. Berkeley drivers are nothing like York gentle souls. They suck, they are rude, they are inconsiderate, they are … ugh. The other night, I was in the left lane signaling to turn left, but a car on my right sped up past me, and then turned left. Yesterday I signaled to enter a parking spot in the Ranch 99 lot, and the guy came after me just blocked my path until I passed, then he went into my spot – never any communication. If he had asked me for the spot, I would have given it to him. It’s always the thoughtlessness and the rudeness that bothers me. Then again, now that I think about it, people ask me for money all the time on the street, and I rarely give them any. Probably I will the next time they ask, just because it would feel better than being robbed ?

Berkeley is suffering from many things. Bicycle theft being one. I was thinking of getting a bicycle…

I pointed at a mailbox this morning and asked May to read the number to me. She read from right to left.
I pointed out an ornamental acorn hanging on the tree to her, and asked her why would the squirrel not be able to eat that acorn. May said, it’s because that acorn is not cooked yet, the mommy squirrel will need to take that home, wash it, cook it up, and then she can feed it to the baby squirrel, then it’ll be safe to eat.

May’s asking all the “why’s” now. Not obsessively, but she’s asking quite a few why’s.
Why is that squirrel on TV able to talk like humans?
because her mommy squirrel talks like that too, see?
why is that animal doing xyz?
because his mom taught him how to do that
why is the moon up in the sky?
because it’s too crowded down here

now it’s my turn.
May, why is the velveteen rabbit crying?
because he’s sad
why is he sad?
because he simply wants to be sad.

in a few months, maybe I’ll teach her what Chau teaches Katie – to add “and that’s OK” to her statement above.


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Lovely May, it’s good to read your blog update occasionally. Too bad that we cannot see her this Christmas, but gifts already left at Tra^m’s house. Pick them up when you are down here. About the nap, I was very obsessively keeping track and making sure both D&E get nap for number of hours every day, but I’m okay nowadays if kids skip their nap once or twice or take shorter nap than normal especially when we are going out.

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