i know what you mean!

i want to know…

Posted on: December 12, 2011

… what the people know…
What do they know that I don’t know?

Son’s brother has been up here since last week, but he’s about to leave our house tonight. That’s OK, because Thien also got back last night, so May will be just as happy with her. Berkeley bowl was selling Christmas Trees that were 5′-7′ for a flat price of $22.95. I got a smallish one for us, and a big kahuna one for ma. Ti’m. Whoa that was one big fat, long, heavy monster of a tree. But I heard that it’s very beautiful and totally worth breaking her husband’s back, or something like that. Son said to me last night: “This week I’ve done 2 things that we said we would never do, one is getting a Christmas tree for our home, and two is listening to 24 hours of nonstop Christmas music radio.” I know I know, it’s all because of the kid. Heh.

I even made Christmas stockings for everyone, hand stitching and embroidering each person’s name on their respective stocking. Son, naturally, got the plainest stocking. Mine was supposed to be just as plain as his, but because I did mine last, I got much better at making pretty stitches, so my stock ended up with a nice decorative border… I’m dutifully filling up each person’s stocking except my own. I told him that it’s his to fill. He said he’ll just fill it up with receipts of all the purchases I’ve been making.

Fatty is NOT eating our Christmas tree! Amazing! I thought I would have to spray the lower branches with pepper spray or something, but so far he’s not eating it.

May’s going to bed on her own. That is to say, I have been able to tuck her in at nap time or bed time, and walk out of the room, and she would be in bed falling asleep on her own most of the time. Sometimes she calls me and I just answer her from another room, reassuring her that I’m watching over her.

May, can I cook daddy up and eat him?
NOOOOOO, don’t eat daddy mommy!
But I’m hungry!
I am not hungry
You are not hungry, but I am hungry, can I eat daddy?
Daddy is not food, I want daddy to play with me.
I don’t need daddy to play with me, I just want food
I don’t want to eat daddy, I want to eat chocolates
OK, how about you eat chocolates first, then i eat daddy?
yeah, OK.

May: “You are my con me`o, my only con me`o (cat)
May: “You make me happy, when sky is gray”
May: “You never know dear, how much I love you”
May: “So please don’t take my con me`o away”
me: “You are my chicken, my only chicken…”
me: “yeah it is !”
me: “ok let just sing you are my sunshine then”
May+me: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”
me: “but there isn’t any sunshine right now! it’s all cloudy! You are my cloudy sky, my only…”
May: “noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that’s not it!! It’s sunshine!”
me: “Where’s sunshine ?”
May: “Up there, up in the sky!!”

road trips are made lively like that….


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