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Posted on: December 17, 2011

Need to write this down lest we forget – probably we will, since Son’s work has designated this day to be his company’s holiday party.

Me: uhm, remember that potato sack dress I got from Ross for 20 bucks that I wore last month when we went out with Diana? Will it be OK with you if I wear that to the party?
Son: Just business casual, you don’t need to dress up. They said it’s cocktail…
Me: uhm, dude, have you ever been to a COMPANY PARTY sort of company party?
Son: No, not really…
Me: I think they’ll be dressing as if they are going to a Vietnamese wedding sort of clothes, no business casual for you there.
Son: Really?
Me: From the sort of pictures I’ve been seeing of other people’s company party, yeah..
Son: Oh…
Me: So that’s why I was asking you if that dress was OK, because I was afraid it would be too plain… I want to be a wall flower at your company’s event, so I don’t want to stand out as too plain or too flashy….

OK, so Son’s of no help at all. They are renting the ballroom of a 3-4 stars hotel… We are so naive that at first, both Son and I thought what they mean by cocktail was just, you know, an open bar with snacks and stuffs, very casual. Then it occurred to me tonight – oh craps, probably they mean the type of cocktails that people wear those $$$$ cocktail dresses. Very highly probable.

I’m debating between a 3/4 sleeve potato sack dress vs. a batwing potato sack dress. The 3/4 sleeve one is simpler in structure, but it’s printed. the batwing is just 1 color, but it’s more elaborate in structure. Sort of like this, but not as ornate and fancy – no glossy material for me, because I really want to be a wall flower for the occasion
If I ever run into this dress at Ross for 19.99, I’ll totally buy it.

Today is our 7th anniversary. We managed to forget it the last 3 years. The first year because I was too busy working. The other 2 years was because we spent December apart (me+May camped out in California until past new year). This year Son is working, then we have to attend his company holiday cocktail party, PLUS Jim and Helen’s early Xmas dinner right afterward. I should pack Son something special for lunch, except I don’t have much to work with in the fridge – oops….

Linh KS’s christmas presents arrived today. Tons of goodies for all of us, I’m amazed at how much a tiny box could pack…

May went to bed with Son a long time ago… I’ve just been listening to Christmas music on the radio, drinking tea, and sitting in front of our Christmas tree, still lighted up at this hour. I think I should go to bed. I just typed “hour” as “out her”


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yeah sometimes i’m hit by something and become really neat. If only you saw how I pack whenever we travel lol

1 vote for the batwing. And Happy Anniversary!

It’s a good thing for us that places and parties in Wichita are low-key. Aki’s company had the party at a country clubhouse (maybe?) / wedding party venue. Men wore business casual. Me put on skinny pants + a top from Target 😀 It’s a Rodarte for Target, but super me got it from one of the clearance racks.

Tui mới coi cái wedding cert của tụi tui, 12-7, 2004 too, trước yours 5 ngày hihi, cũng làm ở city hall.

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