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Posted on: December 20, 2011


Everlasting gratitude to our local mailmen, who continue to make me roll my eyes out of their sockets.  I have never seen anything like it – is it because Albany Hills used to be a lawless area and its history is still alive with us today? When I was in Berkeley, and then El Cerrito, and then York, the mail carriers are pretty much the same person for each area.  On their days off, the people who alternate through the area did not change much neither.  Here in Albany, I must have seen like at least 5 different people delivering mail to the same address.  Some were nice and helpful – they delivered mail and packages to the right address.  Others were just down right lazy or crazy, who knows.  These are the ones who leave us the “pick up” notice slips instead of choosing to ring my door bell.  Typically i don’t mind these slips, they are annoying, but at least I know I won’t lose my packages.  But one slip left in our mailbox last week for a certified mail envelope pick up came at such a bad time.  When i showed up at our local post office on Saturday to pick up, the line was about 40 people long – I’m not exaggerating.  More than an hour later we finally made it to the counter and received the damn envelop – it was the DMV, ordering Son’s employer to withhold salary from Son’s paycheck because supposedly he owed them $600 in unpaid vehicle registration fee.  Nice.  They were trying to collect the fees for 2009-2011 period when we were in York.

So the waiting continued this morning, when I dragged May to the DMV, where she got to wait with me once again for more than 1 hour to clear up their misunderstanding.  I felt bad for May, so I gave her an early Xmas present – a tiny pony figure (Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony).  How May came to fancy this creature was pretty random:  One day K.C. gave May a sticker and said “her name is Rainbow Dash.”  May brought that sticker home, played with it a bit, lost it, found it a few days later, played, lost it, found again 2 weeks later, played, lost… etc., etc..  That was one impressive piece of sticker, I thought it bit the dust for sure after 1 month, but it kept on re surfacing, and so the name got etched in May’s consciousness.  Now she loves horses in general, and Rainbow Dash in particular.  I think.  I’ve seen other kids “love” their toys, and then there is May.  Maybe I should say that she “shows more interest in horses” more than in other toys?  Because she’s not obsessed with the horses, but if she sees a horse in her pile of toys, she’ll pick that one out and hang on to it.  But she doesn’t make an attempt to unite all the horses.  She doesn’t even sort them out from the rest of her toys.  She doesn’t got to bed with her horses.  She goes to bed with her bear one night, or her hair clip another night, or nothing at all, like tonight. Anyhow.  I should have brought a pile of books with me to the DMV instead of giving the pony figure to May.  I think it would have made her much more happy with the trip – although she likes her toys, I think she likes it best when she gets to interact with someone.

At least I’m glad that the whole ordeal is now – supposedly – resolved.  We’ll see when Son gets his next paycheck, I guess.

Tonight I fancied going to Ross at 11pm.  Around this time of the year,  Ross opens until midnight.  An and I found this out many years ago, when she used to visit me in December every year when she flew out here to attend a conference in SF.  after 10pm, the store is very quite and orderly.  I just love browsing through the quiet store, hardly running into another person.  I just bought a dress shirt for Son and left fairly quickly, but I got a chance to do something else I wanted to do:  see my house with the Xmas tree inside at night.  I got out my camera and took a picture of it from San Pablo.  Waaaay up high, you can barely make out some lights, but it’s unmistakable.  I hope Son will continue to turn on the lights once May and I leave for the south.




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