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princess’s man

Posted on: January 18, 2012

I’m still here, for approximately 1 reader who checks regularly 😉

We got back in from So Cal 2 saturdays ago, took the longest time to get my acts together, still swimming in a mountain of laundry (already washed). From the last time I seriously posted to today, i think I have managed about 5-6 drama series – 1/2 of them watched in ffwd mode.  The last major piece I pulled – 2 days marathon – was “The Princess’s Man” in honor of Park Shi Hoo’s hotness.  Scenes without PSH? ffwd.  Kudos to the director for still managing to put in a 1/2 naked shot of PSH even though this is a period piece (truth be told, that scene totally got me by surprise, like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??  I’M NOT EVEN GLAD FOR THIS RANDOM THING BECAUSE IT’S SO RANDOM!).  I think he was the only actor featured 1/2 naked in that entire 24 episodes series lol.  For boy-crazy pleasure pieces such as this drama, I wish I could see it on Viki to read the fans squealing.  Too bad Viki doesn’t carry it.  I’m bothered by the fact that 2 people who went on a spontaneous horse ride at midnight without packing anything along, went into an abandoned shack to wait out a god-sent shower, and miraculously woke up the next day on nice clean bedding 😛  Overall, it was a fun show to watch.  I think I’m the S&M/voyeur type, cuz I found the angst and violence totally hot – as long as it doesn’t involve me 😛  I don’t think I want to watch another sageuk piece until the next time PSH decides to show up in one – I’ll probably groan “why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyy.”  They just wear too much clothes!  I watch drama to update my wardrobe and get ideas for styling as a side benefit, so hanbok are 100% unhelpful.









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