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Posted on: January 28, 2012

preregistering for preschool starts in September 1 year before the child enters the school.  That’s the tune you sing around here in the Bay Area.  Knowing this and doing this are totally 2 different things, that’s why I’m now in the process of touring schools and turning in applications.  My saving grace is, I’m not dead set on the hottest tot spot in town, I’m just looking for a place to chill, preferably earthquake safe.

Co-op is the cheap way to go for a SAHM like me.  The parents are expected to put in ~ 8 hours of work for the school (on average) for a child who goes to class  12 hours/week; the cost is  ~$400-$700/month.  I’m looking at the places that are at $400 range first – considering that I’m surrounded by Albany, Berkeley, Kensington, and El Cerrito, the facilities are not bad.

I’ve only toured one school so far.  The one we toured today was the cheapest one in this area.  it has the feel and looks of Nathan’s school, but less structured and well maintained.  May was just observing everything at first, and then she quietly played by herself for a bit.  After we went out into the yard, May looked around, then asked if she could go back inside, and went inside alone, closing the door behind her.  I think she would do well there.  The school’s little library is actually run by a librarian, so all the books look very interesting, and they get updated very often. 

Tomorrow we’ll tour the 2nd one.  I should do something about the mountain of Son’s work clothes downstairs that are begging to be ironed….




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