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Posted on: January 29, 2012

We went to APS open house today, and I just realized that I could just skip the Children’s Museum membership and just to to all these pre school open houses for free – tons of adults and kids everywhere, the whole facility is open for May to roam, the set up is pretty much like Habitots….

So far APS is great.  May was clearly very comfortable there, we stayed until closing time and May was still not done playing.  Compared to El Cerrito co-op, Albany co-op facility is much more bright and cheerful.  sunlight flooded the room, the ceilings are higher, more open space, better organized play stations – reminds me a lot of Nathan’s school…  The outdoor playgrounds are also more attractive too… But if we end up at El Cerrito, I’ll be fine with it;  I can see May fitting in that place as well.  Next week I’ll try to tour the 2 schools up in Kensington, but I’m not crazy about driving up there regularly.  If we get into Albany Co-op, I’ll call it a success.

We also went to Berkeley Downtown Farmers market before we went to the open house.  We were supposed to host a dinner with Les, Helen, and Jim.  Unfortunately, Les had to cancel at the last minute due to an emergency situation.  The poor man is not having a good day!  The seafood feast was this __ close to his mouth, and yet he’s probably still sitting in the waiting room right now, hungry.  At least everything seems OK.

I’m waiting for Son’s spaghetti to boil, and then after packing his lunch, I’ll call it a night.  Tomorrow I want to take May for an early shopping trip to buy flower seeds before we show up at Helen’s house for brunch.  I was contemplating church, but I need my flower seeds.  Maybe another Sunday.

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