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2nd stomach bug

Posted on: February 3, 2012

May, she of the iron stomach, is, at the moment, she of an irritated stomach.  She ate something foul yesterday in the afternoon, and the diarrhea just started. I suspect it might be some cross contamination acquired from the poultry store.  I got some roasted chicken for our lunch and some fresh poultry there.  The thing is, I eat everything May eats, just for quality assurance, so I’m 100% certain that I ate every single thing she had yesterday, including the raw milk that she had for breakfast – my stomach is fine.  Son also ended up eating most of the stuffs May had, including the roasted chicken, and he of a sensitive stomach has no problem….  May is also nursing a cold on top of this, so the diarrhea might come from this cold as well.  She ran a low grade fever last night when she had diarrhea around 3:30a.m. – just once.

Right now it’s in the moderate range – if she eats, then she poops.  The stool is yellow, but not runny, so Son said it’s still OK, as long as she’s not having cramps.  This afternoon and evening there was some blood in her stool, but Son examined it and said it looks like there’s some inflammation.  He checked and listened to her stomach, and concluded that she’s still OK.

May is cheerful and energetic as usual, with just low appetite.  Banana seems to works best for her.  I was looking up “BRATY diet” and “diarrhea” and “toddler” in various combination when I ran across this gem:

The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) was once a staple of most pediatricians’ recommendations for children with an upset stomach. The idea was that it gave the gut a chance to rest and reduced the amount of stool produced. Now experts say the BRAT diet may not be the best option for children.

Because BRAT diet foods are low in fiber, protein, and fat, the diet lacks enough nutrition to help a child’s gastrointestinal tract recover. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that kids resume eating a normal, well-balanced diet appropriate for their age within 24 hours of getting sick. That diet should include a mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, yogurt, and complex carbohydrates.

I was really contemplating serving oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow, so I’ll just go ahead and roll with it.  2 things I need to remember the next time May encounters a bug is to stay away from rice porridge or anything runny in consistency – it causes her to gag.  And, to stop giving her milk.  From what I read, if there is no lactose intolerance, then milk is OK.  I tried giving it to her, and while it doesn’t make the diarrhea any worse, I think it increases the chance of her vomiting.

Today Son ra la`m quan, if you know what I mean.  Happy birthday to him.


3 Responses to "2nd stomach bug"

I read about the change in the BRAT diet in one of those Parents magazines. I don’t know, i haven’t had the chance to do otherwise since Sophie’s first stomach bug encounter. In my own experience, i still try to stay away from citrus and diary products, as well as raw fruits and vegetables. Apples are still great for stomach upset though, it really calms it down. You can offer it to her peeled gala apples (more tender than fuji apples) or make apple sauce out of it.

Hope she recovers soon. It is so great to have a doctor in home 😛

mẹ SM, con gái sao rồi????

ba’o ca’o ba` con, con tui khoe? nhu+ tra^u 3 ho^m nay ro^`i. Ddu+o+.c ca’i la` gio+` no’ tu+. xu’c co+m a(n luo^n, kho?i ca^`n tui bo’n.
me. 2S, next time I’ll try fresh apples. May has gag reflex when it comes to apple sauce, but I’ll keep on offering.

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