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1 day in the life of her 34th month on this planet

Posted on: February 13, 2012

< Morning >

I need to poop!
oh wait, I’m done peeing, I mean I just wanted to pee, I’m not pooping.
Mommy come get me out please! I’m done!
Mommy I want you to come upstairs with me PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE
Mommy you have to remember to come upstairs with me
I’m not done lying around in the bed room yet, I still want to stay down here!
Mommy, I want to eat milk with cereal in a bowl
in a separate bowl!
I MUST have cereal in a bowl, here’s a bowl, I want cereal PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

But I still want cereal in a bowl
I can’t open the pantry door to get cereal ! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Momy I’m done crying.

Mommy, I’m sorry.
Mommy, I still want cereal in a bowl, can you get me some cereal in a bowl pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….


Mommy, it is near Valentine’s day yet?
I want to get a dog with a heart for daddy, a cat with a heart for Nana, and a bear with a heart for myself
I think this dog will do, but where is the heart for it to hold?
I still need to find  a heart for the dog to hold for Daddy (her first long sentence in English, everything else was said in VNese)
I think these hearts will do, they are more pretty than the other ones.
but they are not on sale
what other hearts are on sale ?  I can put these back
I think I’ll give the pig card to Jim and Nana, I think Jim and Nana like pigs
I think they like pigs because it is right
it is right because I think it is right.

(while walking on the street without a sidewalk)

Mommy, I’m afraid of dying, I don’t want to be dead like that bird at di Diem’s house.
I think the banana slug and Clifford also don’t want to be dead.
… [if I were dead]… I also can’t eat happy birthday cakes, I can’t eat flower sprinkles and butterfly sprinkles…
Mommy, Nana went to bed with me, but I couldn’t sleep, but Nana made me close my eyes.
No, I did not close my eyes.
And then I could not sleep, and then I fell asleep.

Mommy, why was there a snake in that book with that black bear?
what happened to that boy’s family?
what does the snake say to him?
Mommy, what other animals eat plants like a giraffe ?
what other animals besides deer and rhinos ? horses!
giraffes have long necks like … like… the tree branches… like … my fingers… and my toes…
mommy why does the tiger in that book have eyes like a lolly pop… like that turkey when it was being silly?

Mommy, but I don’t want to give this gummy penguin to di` Thien!
I want to eat this gummy penguin!
I don’t want di Thien to eat this penguin’s head.
Di Thien, di Thien, here, have a piece.

I’m afraid that this dog tv show will end
I want to watch the show with the dog after this one ends
no, not that one, the one with the green dog that has long crazy hair like this and like this like this….
yes, the dogs who sing lots and lots and lots of songs….


there’s something really spicy in my food
there is ! there is! it’s spiccccccccccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (raw garlic, apparently)
I want to drink some cold water!
I want cold water!!
Di` Thien, could you give me some cold water please


what’s the name of this song mom?
are there any more songs that sound good like this one?
here, I found some sprinkles for you mom
can you see it?
“but I found some inside this one, see?” (English)
uh oh mommy, it spilled out onto the table…
Mommy, where’s May in this picture? (holding an old photograph of my family when I was around 3).

It’s not bed time yet.  Now we are drawing a family tree to show why uncle Dang is not in my family’s picture when i was 3.  While we’re at it, I’m doing a family tree for all the animals she could think of….   I’ve just filled up a whole page with family trees…

Today May napped with Nana and slept for 2 hours.  First time.


5 Responses to "1 day in the life of her 34th month on this planet"

Sao con bà giỏi quá vậy, con tui suốt ngày chỉ nghe nó nói “sữa” và “no” thôi à

lol, ta.i suo^’t nga`y no’ chi? cha.y theo tui no’i tho^i ma`, cho+i khi? gi` dda^u

wow..mo^.t nga`y ma` May no’i nhie6`u va^.y ha? ..co`n no’i nhie^`u ho*n tui hehehe

ca’i na`y tui chi? nho+’ dda.i kha’i 2/3 hoa(.c 1/2 kho^ng chu+`ng… A` ma` da.o na`y con tui ru+?a ma(.t ba(`ng nu+o+’c ma(‘t daily ro^`i, ho+? ti’ la` ru’ le^n kho’c. Ho^m bu+~a ga`o the’t le^n tui cho warnings ro^`i ma` 0 ni’n, tui bo? ddi ra ban co^ng ddu+’ng cho ddo+~ bu+.c, no’ ti`m tui 0 ra no’ he’t xong no’ ho nhu+ ddie^n, ro^`i ca’i tu+. du+ng im ba(.t, tui tu+o+?ng Son do^~ no’, ai de` tui xuo^’ng nha` mo+’i tha^’y no’ tu+. leo vo^ giu+o+`ng ti`m nu+o+’c uo^’ng cho ddo+~ ho ha ha

hehehe, ca’i phase ru*?a ma(.t ba(`ng nu*o*’c ma(‘t ddo’ se~ qua soon 🙂 ..

Con tui thi` ba^y gio*` i’t kho’c ma` hay re^n. Ba(‘t chu*o*’c em no’ re^n nhu* baby hehe..

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