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it’s working

Posted on: March 8, 2012

Lots of water drinking, long walks daily or some form of exercise, less hours on the laptop, fruits, nuts and water for breakfast, large salad for lunch, light dinner… and the pounds are dropping.  I’m not hungry or lethargic.  It took me about 2 days to adjust, but after that, the random appetite I get just goes away.

This is when all those $$$ meals I’ve paid for in the past is paying off.  Ever since I got stuck in York, where the art of salad making was just down right neglected – one time I craved for a nice fancy salad, you know the kind that runs 2 lines in description, and it was nowhere to be found –  whenever I go to a fancy restaurant, I usually order their swanky salads before I delve into their entree.   I used to suck at salad dressing.  These days, I no longer suck, woo hoooo.  I just had a gourmet quality salad for lunch consisted of raw kale, spring mix greens, chevre (soft goat cheese), red bell pepper, croutons, walnuts, sweet onions.  The secret dressing made it all good, y’all.

Who knew organic raw walnuts could be so goddamn expensive ?  It’s like prosciutto or something, but heavier, hence more costly.  WTF.  Good thing I don’t like it so I’m only downing it in small quantities.  May, if that kid is to have any, I’d have to give her a bunch of raisins to help her along.  She asked me “Is this sweet? I’d rather have it  sweet.”  Son was pretty sure he would get called in for sick back up today, but for some reason they didn’t call him.  So he takes care of May for today, and I get to clean the house.

Let’s go try out an OB/GYN today.  I’m hoping for one who will ask me “how so?” before they launch into a lecture as soon as they hear that I’m trying to conceive but not taking prenatal vitamins.  Why try to shove a horsepill down my throat when I’m in the Bay Area, next to 2 Berkeley Bowls, Costco, Ranch99, 2 japanese fish markets, 1 korean grocery store, Monterey Market, and Farmers Market 7 days a week?  I can give them a very reasonable answer in less than 30 seconds, I promise I won’t take up the whole visit.  I’ll also show them my little folic acid pills, aren’t they cute?  I take them occasionally, like candies.


7 Responses to "it’s working"

Đọc hết mà hỉu lờ mờ à, khổ quá

cha(‘c ta.i thie^’u ngu? lol

tui hiểu tui hiểu.

I think nutrition is more important than weight loss, and you’re eating well. So the weight loss is just a bonus! Good luck. BTW, I think you look perfectly fine from when I met you.

Cindy, since you met me, I gained 6 lbs of pure fat, from eating for no good reason and eating craps. That’s why I’m determined to lose the craps I gained by eating better 🙂

Since you met me, I’d gained 30 lbs! (Altho I lost it again within 2 months of giving birth.)

I also gained 30 lbs for my first baby and lost it immediately, but my body shape didn’t recover, lol

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