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Hello April

Posted on: April 2, 2012

May’s reaching that stage where visitors are exciting creatures (after an obligatory period of initial reservation). Son’s colleague was out here for a conference last week, and was at our house for about 4 days. He was someone who has raised a child and still remembers what it was like, someone who would have liked to have more children, and has never had a daughter, so May was in good company. She was fortunate (and he was unfortunate) because the weather in the Bay Area last week was godawful. Wet, rainy, dreary, cold, the sort of weather that encourages even a faraway visitor to stay in door and stick to reading children’s books for hours instead of sightseeing. And then as soon as he left, the next morning was crisp, clear, warm, and bright. Everything sprung up from the ground and bloomed.

I’m still very lethargic, I don’t know when this spell will pass. Maybe it’s in my head. The more rest I get, the more of it I want. May must have been so tired with me saying to her “May, I’m tired at the moment…” It seems like every other line I had for her was about my energy level, poor kid. Today she told me that since she’s now the Mama Bunny, she’s very happy today because the baby bunny has behaved so well and napped well and did not disturb her. Oops. I need to give her a better impression of motherhood, lol.

For awhile, May did not nap at Helen’s house on Sundays. She just got really wired up and could not settle down. Today, she did exceptionally well, and napped by herself in the room, despite being disturbed twice when she was about to drift off. So just when I thought maybe I should just let her skip nap on Sunday, she goes back to napping.

We went out to eat last friday at 900 Grayson (their address is their business name). The most famous item on their menu is Devil’s Lover, which is fried chicken on waffle. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t call that, but Son shared an order with May, and since he ordered both gravy and syrup, May got to drench her lunch in that sweet stuff. She cleaned her plate with 1/4 of a waffle in just a few minutes, then moved onto the chicken, while I fed her some of my salad on the side. Then she ate some syrup for a while, and then went back for the chicken. This place loves their cayenne pepper and paprika and hot sauce, so almost everything has a kick. The chicken was sprinkled with chili powder, so after a bite, May complained and asked for water. But then she went right back to eating the chicken, more complains, more eating. I showed her how to take care of that dilemma – just dip it into the syrup. There, isn’t that all better? Life can make you eat chili pepper, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. She then got tired of eating syrup, I think, because she went back to her fried chicken, but didn’t dip. She kept on nibbling at the piece, barely making a dent. when I asked her to let it go, she refused, when I asked her to finish it up, she was afraid of the heat. LOL. Finally I said OK we’ve gotta go, you either shove that into your mouth or you leave it, seriously. So she shoved it into her mouth and immediately complained that it’s too hot. I said, the only way for the heat to go away is to hurry, chew it up and swallow it. So she did. And then we did some dog panting exercises, and that was that. There’s another life lesson embedded in there somewhere….

She’s into sandwiches these days. If given a choice, more than 50% of the time she’ll say that she’d like to have a sandwich. We keep a variety of lunch meats and cheese in the fridge, as well as other condiments, so making a nutritious meal for her isn’t hard. When I wasn’t there, Son made one with arugula and she ate the entire thing. Sometimes I use wilted spinach plus some avocado. Other times I use roasted bell pepper and grilled sweet onions. Mizuna is also OK in small quantity. If she requests a plain jelly sandwich, then I would boil some broccoli on the side and just give that to her. If you have not done this already, try it: When you prepare some pan fried dumplings (I use the LingLing brand from Costco and follow their cooking instructions), just toss in some cauliflower florets during the steaming stage. Take them out after 3-4 minutes, and the florets will absorb all the liquids from the dumplings while being cooked and softened by the oil. The flavor is excellent, and you get 2 dishes out of 1 cooking process.

2 weeks ago I’ve also tried something that others might find useful: when making thi.t kho tru+’ng, I used about 2 cups of dry sake (ozeki) – did I say this already? I can’t remember – instead of sugar or coconut juice. The meat was very fragrant and tender. I don’t use coconut soda because according to the label, it’s not made out of anything remotely coconut. Most of it is corn syrup, so if that’s the case, you may as well use sugar and save yourself from some preservatives. So just sake, dark soy sauce, soy sauce, black pepper.


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A note to myself: must plan a visit to the Bay area soon before May gets to another stage.

le. le^n le. le^n, gio+` na`y qua no’ co`n no’i tie^’ng Vie^.t, mo^’t no’ ddi ho.c 0 ba?o dda?m no’ se~ so^? tie^’ng gi`

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