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no pasta on monday

Posted on: April 3, 2012

Because apparently, that’s the day Italian restaurants like to close. I was in the mood for pasta, so we stopped by 3 different Italian places in town and they were all closed, one for lunch and 2 for the day. Ended up in a French bistro instead, and had a very decent lunch – although we ordered stuffs like french fries and big ass nicoise salad, so it’s not too hard to make things well. I have seen places around here repeatedly putting seared ahi tuna into the nicoise, and personally I just would much rather have some salted fish, anchovies for example, than the tuna steak. I think the saltiness of the anchovies would bind the flavors of a nicoise much better than the tuna, so I guess next time I’ll stick to La Note – though they have suddenly decided to serve a huge load of carrots in their nicoise recently, ugh.

Arriving starved at the restaurant and leaving it stuffed only could produce 1 result for this household for the rest of the afternoon: naptime! Deep peaceful naptime all the way until past 6:30pm. I was just about to congratulate myself on successfully resetting May’s sleep time 2 days ago, and now we are back to bed at 11pm, zz by midnight, up by 9:30 thanks to Fatty screaming his head off to get our attention in the morning. He’s going to get some attention from me for sure.

If you ever need to rent a car in hawaii, there’s a company called Hawaii Car Rental or Discount Hawaii Rental or something to that variation, just search for them, they have 2-3 names but it’s all the same company. They give the best rate especially for minivans. Costco was the cheapest for me, quoting $450 from Alamo for 5 days in April, but the Hawaii Car Rental place got me $330 ($275 base) from Alamo.

Jackie is coming for a conference this week, so May will get another visitor, and then housemate’s boyfriend comes again this weekend, I don’t have to worry about May being bored anymore. She really thinks our household is consisted of Ba, Me., May, Fatty, di` Thien, and ca^.u T . Whenever we buy something, I always have to get an extra for uncle T.

There’s a cherry tree outside our 2nd bed room window that is now blooming white double blossoms. I need to take some pictures tomorrow.


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