i know what you mean!

back in school for the 2nd time!

Posted on: April 7, 2012

It’s not what you think.
First, let me say that though I do not envy Chau at all, for her ability to seduce Brad Pitt made him really come onto her in her dreams, nor do I envy Trang, who by the same token had made Leonardo di Caprio give her his regards in her dreams, I have to say those types of dreams must have been much more relaxing than my dreams.

So 2 nights ago I dreamt I was back in school, and spent the rest of that dream solving 3 math problems that were supposedly the Final for a course back in college. Fine, that was manageable, since I have always had dumb luck in math, the weirder and trickier the problems, the better my luck. Even in my dream I had that sort of confidence.

Last night’s dream was a different beast. In this dream, I was back in college again (argh!) and was kinda groping my way along in some sort of science class – physical science class I think – just barely above the water (figuratively speaking) since I had been ditching classes as usual. I was furiously copying down notes from the board and also my neighbor’s notes, thinking to myself that I’m sort of getting it, and there are obviously lots of gaping holes in my notes because I’m missing quite a bit of materials, but if I work hard for the next few days, I can have a good chance of passing final. Then onto another class. Uh oh, I’ve also been ditching this class quite often (oh geez, my dreams are so honest) and so more note snatching left and right, but there’s still hope, because I had done well in this class up until I started ditching, so if I could just get my bearing back… Then onto a 3rd class – French. Fuck. Did I really take French? I thought I dropped it. Even the professor was surprised to see me and she was Mme Nadiz, my first French teacher from 9th grade. Why is she teaching college now? Oh who knows, but most importantly, why am I still in her class even though I have no recollection of ever attending a single session? Uh-oh. Should I just drop the class at this point instead of risking an F? But aren’t I supposed to be semi-fluent in French? I thought I could read novels and shit, how how could it be? Took out the notes and study sheets for finals, and it was all Greek to me. Awwwww ^@$%@%^@&%@^%@. But wait, there are more classes! 2 more to be precise. And I got progressively more stressed out as I entered each one of them, remembering less and less the last time I actually attended a session or the reason why I had registered for them in the first place. Obviously after the French class, I could not dream of passing the other 2, but still, there must have been a reason why I took them and stuck with them until final time instead of dropping them, right? RIGHT??

Son woke me up at 7 when he got ready for work. And for once, I did not grudge him. This was as close to a nightmare as I would ever have. The last time I was so stressed in my dream was probably when God spoke to me 15 years ago and asked me “Linh, why art thou such a troublesome child and doth not listen to thy mother?” and I was crawling and running away from the voice of God promising to do whatever the hell He wants, just leave me alone.

I don’t want to be back in school tonight when I hit the sack!


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