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an Easter Sunday that almost sucked, but saved in the end

Posted on: April 9, 2012

Apparently all egg hunting activities like to happen on the Saturday before Easter.  That, unfortunately, was also a day I promised May that we would go to Fairyland to see the tap dancing bunnies.  The tap dancing bunnies at Fairyland turned out to be not as great as advertised, because both May and i were expecting the dancers to be in full bunny costume, but they just had ears attached to their top hats and a tail sewn onto the back of the black coats.  May wasn’t very entertained until the very end, when they invited the children to come onto the stage and had a conga line doing the bunny hop dance.  May loved that part, and seeing her doing the conga dance was super cute, being among the smallest kids up there. 

When the event was done, we came out and saw a great thing, to May’s delight:  a bunch of giant animals (people dressing up as animals) walking around, taking pictures with kids and giving out hugs.  May was thrilled with them, and we continued to spot new ones ever now and then.  The day at the park turned out to be a great success, as usual.  I originally wanted to rush May home at 1:30 and usher her to a church down the street from our house, where they host an Easter eggs hunt event between 2-4, but May was not done with Fairyland until 3:30, so by the time we got back, it was already past 4pm.

I consulted the 510parents website that night and found out they have yet another big family event at the Golden Gate Field (horse track) on Sunday with an eggs hunt at 11:30a.m..  Ended up being a bit late, because I found out they have 2 entrances and the one I tried the first time was a wrong one.  Grrrr… Got in, parked far away, paid parking fees, paid $1 admission, walked walked followed the crowd, tried to ignore the jackasses who smoked freely there, made our way down to almost the last 20 yards, and a lady came out to dismiss the line.  They ran out of eggs.  Seriously, wtf.  Kids were wailing in despair as their parents tore them away from the line where they had been languishing for the last 20 minutes or so.  Poor May had no clue what was going on, she kept on seeing tons of kids walking around with eggs and candies, and then there was a giant Easter Bunny walking around, but we could not see much of him because the line pressed us forward.  And then there were no eggs, no bunny to be found anywhere, and I just took her by the hand and led her out to the parking lot again, after explaining to her that we were a bit late and they ran out of eggs.  May’s luke warm personality is very very useful at times like this.  She just said “OK.” and brightened up as soon as I produced 1/2 bag of cotton candy I had in my pack from the day before. 

We were supposed to have Easter Sunday brunch at Helen and Jim’s afterward, but Helen called early to say that she suddenly felt sick late last night and couldn’t sleep at all, so the brunch had to be canceled.  Luckily we had plan B.  My cousin came up with the idea of a family gathering on Saturday, sent notice out to everyone, and whereas I previously turned down the invitation due to prior engagements, now my schedule was wide open, so off we went to Vacaville.

We all had a great time at my cousin’s place, seeing other cousins and my uncle.  May got to hang out with her second cousins and spent quality time playing Angry Birds.  Made it home by 5:30 and called it a day.


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