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Posted on: April 11, 2012

Today marks the first time May ran to the restroom to take care of #1 & #2 on her own instead of informing me first and waiting for my instruction.  Yay for independence.

She has been diaper free at night since last week.  I noticed that she had consistently kept her diaper dry at night for more than a month now, regardless of the room’s temperature, so I just let her wear training uderwears to bed, those padded ones from Hanna Anderssen (they are having a 20% sale right now, I really like their briefs for toddlers, which offer full coverage, very durable, comfortable, and do  ride up.)

On a raining day like today, we did 5 grocery stores run, buying enough food to fill our trunk space.  We didn’t really need to visit our farmer’s market, but since it rained like a fiend all day long, I felt bad for the vendors, so off we went, buying tons of produce that now I’ll have to eat up before we leave this weekend.

May is now asking me to buy things when we go to the market.  Yesterday at Target was hilarious, she was saying “we need this, isn’t it on sale? let’s get some” and proceeded to fill my basket with packs of air fresheners.  The sight of her doing it cracked me up.  When we go grocery shopping, May mostly reminds me to buy her favorite item – quail eggs – since I tend to forget and would use her as my memo.  Then she would remind me to buy more milk, because I’ve told her we are out of milk.  And then she asked if we could buy strawberries (yes), raspberries (yes), melon (yes), tangerines (yes), eggplants (yes), cauliflower (no), rabbit meat (no), cheese (no).

She’s finally enjoying fruits instead of simply tolerating them.  She would bring me an orange after dinner, and once I cut it up, she would eat most of it with gusto, telling me how delicious it is and how much she enjoys it.  When we run out of tangerines, she would ask about them.  When we sample melons at the market, she would ask for more slices if they are sweet.  When she smells strawberries, she wants me to buy her some. Today for dessert, I served melon and prosciutto.  May ate until her belly was like a basketball, but she was still trying to grab more melons when I brought a plate out for Son.  We had to stop her for her own good.

Another first thing this week was May asking about a specific dish.  I threw together a simple stirfry of bell pepper, shrimps, sweet onions, and some basil for her lunch yesterday.  When I presented it to her, she started to dig around instead of eating her beloved shrimps.  After a bit, she asked me thoughtfully, “Mommy, where are the eggplants?”  The basil has prompted her memory of the eggplant and basil stirfry I used to feed her at least once a month in York.  Since we got out here, I have not made that dish, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she remembers.  I asked her, do you like that dish? Yes.  Would you like mommy to make that dish for you? Yes please.  When I finished making it today and showed it to her, she couldn’t tell what it was by appearance (I used to cut everything up for her and mixed it into her rice), so I asked her to smell it.  She did, and said, “ah, eggplants!”  At dinner time, she finished her rice and eggplant in less than 10 minutes.

Since I last mentioned, May’s bout of terrible 2 endured for less than a month and just kind of faded away.  Her emotions are pretty much under control now, no random tantrums, no whining, no histrionics… nada.  When I say no and explain to her why, she thinks about it and then accepts the answer eventually.  She’s fine with me disagreeing with her ideas, as long as I tell her it’s perfectly fine for her to think the way she does.  Recently she has begun to say things that are not true – telling me she has finished her milk when she hasn’t, telling me she has put away her stuffs when she hasn’t, telling Helen she hasn’t seen a dog when she has.  For the most part, I just need to clarify her answers with her, since things are relative in her mind, not absolute.  She has finished some of her milk,  she has put away some of her toys, she hasn’t seen the color of the dog clearly, but she did see an animal that she could identify as a dog, etc. etc…  Other times she seems to genuinely forgets and has no clue what the heck she’s talking about.

What is May getting scolded for these days?

Not fully aware of her physical strength is the main one.  Things that she used to do as a harmless infant now hurts when she does them as a toddler.

Too distracted to answer when being spoken to, mostly happened when she is watching TV

not settling down for her naps or night time sleep (she does so much better when no one is in the room, so I try to do that)

She’s very useful these days for running errants, things like fetching stuffs, or closing doors and turning on/off lights, or letting the cat in/out, throwing things into the trash, finding my slippers…  She has a cute way of responding when I ask for a favor, a bright and agreeable “Okay mommy!” is music to my ears.

I always end my day listening to her breathing in her sleep, and thank God for how healthy and alive she is.


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