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the twin towers of Honolulu

Posted on: April 19, 2012

I’m talking about these towers.

I have seen my share of f’ugly buildings and bad art, but I have not seen any building that gave me fear in my guts the same way these have when I first saw them.  It was a combination of disgust, fear, and nausea that hit me when I looked at them under the cloudy sky of Honolulu in the late afternoon, just driving through town.  They were glittering, black, and out of place.  They rise like Gozilla walking through Tokyo, hideous and loathsome.  And I stared at them like a victim would stare at the jaws of a monstrous predator, unable to tear my eyes away from such sight.  The concentric squares at the top leading to the gaping void in the middle has something to do with it. So do the tubular appearance of the squares’ outlines, making it seems as if it’s ominously pulsing with unnatural life. The glittering combination of glass and steel remind me of how charcoals would shine if cut vertically and shine even without light hitting it at an angle.

It’s not that I’m bothered by black buildings – I have seen a fair amount of black buildings on mainland, and I was not bothered until now.  It’s the whole package of the color, the shape, the texture, and the way they appear.  I wouldn’t want to live in Honolulu if I have the chance just because now I know these terrible twins are there.


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