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This week’s schedule

Posted on: April 23, 2012

finalizing courses for Saturday:

vermicelli noodles & veggies with choice/combination of topings: Vnese bbq pork, VNese egg roll, pork skin & toasted rice powder, grilled chicken
shrimp & octopus ceviche
Yaoya-san’s sashimi choices of salmon, tuna, hamachi
Laotian fried rice with sour pork, pork skin, mint (Hi Trang!)
spring mix salad or something green, we’ll see what’s good at the market this week
tomato salad (wedding menu encore)

dessert: birthday cake, tropical fruits & almond jello cocktail … maybe a 7 layer jello if I need to punish myself.

Drinks:  Carbonated water
fruit water 1 (water melon, cucumber, basil)
fruit water 2 (raspberry, strawberry, mango, mint)
ice tea


to-do time line

make fish sauce for noodles and store in fridge
start hauling home some borrowed chairs and tables

1.Costco – 3 bags of shrimps, carbonated water, 1 pineapple, paper plates (2 sizes), forks, napkins, spoons, cups, 1 bag of limes, 1 pack of Annie’s gummy bunnies
2. San Pablo Chinese market: 1 pack baby octopus, frozen pork skin, rice powder, frozen jackfruits if any, or canned jackfruits, canned longans, 5 packs almond jello, 2 jars conjac, 6 packs rice vermicelli noodles
3. Send out an email to borrow 3 large water pitchers and maybe 1 big punch bowl.

1. Ross or Marshalls – a few step stools
2. Ichiban kan – items for 12 packs of party favors including gift bags
3. talk to Yaoya-san re: leaving teriyaki sauce separate from the grilled chicken; buy more wasabi paste & pickled ginger from yaoya-san.
4. Lunch with Helen, pick up ice chest from her
5. Make party favor packs with May

May’s 3rd birthday, yay!

Thursday – Thao and Dale arrive! have their room ready.
1. Berkeley Bowl: Tomatoes for salad, basil, french feta, organic yellow & sweet onions, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes for ceviche, limes (if can’t find from Costco), watermelon, Vietnamese herbs – ti’a to^, hu’ng que^’, hu’ng, 3 bo’ ngo`, tostadas, 2 gallons milk, 8 packs quail eggs, 2 daikon radishes, pork chops for bi`, tapatio sauces, shiso, birthday candles
2. call Magnani’s to reserve 5 lbs ground pork for Friday pick up
3. Pre-wash tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, herbs, mints and dry them
4. make pickled daikon & carrots
5. prepare bi`

Friday: (Son will take May to dr. for check up at 11am) DROP OFF RENT’S CHECK ON THE WAY OUT.
1. Monterey Market: salad greens, arugula, 1 pack strawberries, 1 pack raspberries, ice for coolers
2. Pick up ground pork from Magnani’s
3. remind Thien to pick up 1 pack of frozen mango from Trader Joe’s on her way home.  Remind Les about salad dressing
4. make almond jello
5. defrost frozen baby octopi & shrimps
6. marinate bbq pork meatballs, make ceviche, wash salad greens, prepare fruit cocktails:

Saturday Morning: (Helen arrives at 11:30 to take care of May)

1.@ nha` Ma. Ti’m –  Fry egg rolls, bbq meatballs, put together Laotian fried rice, haul more tables and chairs home as needed
2. pick up sashimi and chicken from yaoya-san’s, buy shredded daikon for sushi
3. @ home – make salad dressings, boil noodles, make ice tea, wash & cut up fruits for flavored water, put out eating utensils, carbonated drinks, napkins, defrost tobiko, boil quail eggs & have Thao peel them.
4. have someone pick up 12 balloons from Paper Outlet
5. Saturday late afternoon: make flavored fruit waters, put together tomato salad, make salad greens, put out tables & chairs, rearrange upstairs to make room for guests.
6. Put egg rolls in oven to warm them up
7. send the cat downstairs, maybe into bedroom.


station 1: carbonated water, ice tea, flavored water, birthday cake, fruit & jello cocktail bowl
station 2:  Serve ceviche & tostadas, sashimi, tomato salad, mixed greens salad
station 3: Laotian fried rice, rice vermicelli & various toppings, boiled quail eggs for kids only

6:30pm balloon & face painting guy arrives, have kids sit down at table to eat while guy entertains from 6:30-8pm (pay balloon guy before he leaves)

8:31-8:38pm (May’s actual birth time)
cake cutting & singing happy birthday
distribute party favor packs

party wrap up.

Hi`nh Hawaii ne`, su+o+’ng chu+a


4 Responses to "This week’s schedule"

Hi Hi khỉ khô gì. Viết ra mời gọi mà mình không ăn được thì giận quá.

Tướng em mảnh mai…sao mà nhìn muốn iu quá ta.

(a hèm, khen SM à nha!)

khen con tui tu+’c la` khen tui, tui ca’m o+n ra’o

Hi Bòn, hình hai mẹ con dễ thương quá 🙂

thanks chi.

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