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recovering from birthday party

Posted on: May 2, 2012

I swear it was mostly for the adults that we paraded the kids through these crazy events.  Proof of it: damn awesome food was served but most kids barely ate any.  The most eaten items were probably the birthday cake and candies from the party favors.   I did put thoughts into it.  But I wasn’t going to serve chicken nuggets, pizza, or corn dogs at my house if I weren’t going to make it myself.  And I wasn’t in the mood to make these food.  I can’t make food I don’t want to make, so the kids got choices of VNese grilled meat balls (didn’t eat), Vietnamese egg rolls (didn’t eat), awesome freshly grilled teriyaki chicken (didn’t eat), vermicelli noodles (didn’t eat).  I saw a few of them eating the tostadas that were served with the camaron y pulpo ceviche.  No one tried the awesome sashimi.  And I think the parents, for the most part, just enjoyed themselves and ate their fill.   Let the kids do whatever.

The hired entertainer arrived right on time and set out to entertain everyone for more than 1.5 hours.  The kids were pleased, mostly the older boys who had enough questions and confidence, as well as creativity to interact with him.  The younger kids were in and out, and then later on, chased each other around the house until they were all sweaty.  But the most important thing?  They had fun.  I think.  Or at least May did, I know that for sure.  At her own party, she was free to eat birthday cakes, candies, and tostadas as much as she liked.  Or she could just leave them and I would clean them up, she didn’t have to finish what she started.  She got to hang out with as many people in the room as she wished, and speak English to her heart’s content (she hardly spoke).  At around 10, she came to the stairwell yelling, “mommy, please come up and feed me something, I’m hungry!”  so that was when I came up, mixed her a bowl of rice vermicelli with veggies, meats, and fish sauce.  She ate the whole thing up.  Probably the rest of the kids also went home and ate left overs or something.   Ma. Ti’m’s kids ate the most, but that was probably just 1/2 of what they usually eat at home.  Too much distraction.  And that was because their parents spoonfed them.

As for the adults, we had lots of fun.  My house was a total zoo.  At one point, there was hardly any space in the living room, so people were spewing out onto the deck or into the hallway.  Anyone caught loitering around the kitchen were put to work.  Son, Thien, Helen, Ma. Ti’m were of great help.  Dale and Thao came to visit us from Dallas, and got put to work as furniture movers and baby sitters.  It was like our wedding party all over again, but on a smaller scale.  The chaos was of great fun, and everyone just jut their way into whichever part of the action they would like to partake.

After the party, all of us crashed for 2 days before we recovered from the planning of it.  I think I’m fully recovered as of today, sleeping lots of hours to make up for all those nights I was up preparing dishes and stowing them away into the fridge.   K.C.’s birthday is just around the corner, so the craziness is gearing up down south for someone I know…


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