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no rhyme nor rhythm

Posted on: May 3, 2012

for about 2 weeks in April, May went to bed with a white lamb.  Then she came back from Hawaii, had a drop of blood from her nosebleed on that lamb, declared it unfit for company therein.  After I washed it of all stains, she let the lamb rejoin her growing zoo in bed, consisting of (in addition to the lamb): a brown bear, a blue bear, a brown/white rabbit, a pink Easter bunny, a pink smaller bunny, Clifford the dog, pink pony, Valentine dog…

For nearly a week, she favored a green beanie bear, taking it upstairs with her upon waking, and back downstairs with her to bed.  At some point the Easter Bunny lost its membership. One morning I woke up and saw May sitting in deep contemplation with a pile of polyester stuffing in her hand.  I asked her, where did that come from?  It’s from the smallest bunny.  Could you please put that back?  No mommy, I am making cotton candy to feed to the other animals.  So smallest bunny was of commission since.

This week she decided that everyone remaining must travel together, in a pack.  So everyone went upstairs and downstairs together.  I had to give her a tote bag to make things easier for her.  Just when I thought this travelling zoo is an emerging pattern, tonight May said everything can just stay upstairs, only brown bunny and Clifford go to bed with her (the same 2 animals have been going with her to Di` Thien’s room for 2 days in a row).  Nothing in this kid is constant, save for her sweet personality and sunny disposition.


3 Responses to "no rhyme nor rhythm"

Đọc tiếng anh hơi nhức đầu nên chưa đọc hheheh, chỉ mới coi cái hình thôi thì trong đầu đã pop up một câu liền ‘giống mẹ quá trời ơi’ hihihi

Hồi đẻ nhỏ người làm, mọi người tặng quá trời thú bông mà đến giờ chả bao giờ thấy nó ôm ấp con nào, hình như người làm nhà tui ko mặn mà gì với thú bông hay sao á, nên tui quăng hết ráo

co’ co+n a’ ba`, con tui no’ tho+` o+ la(‘m xong ca’i tu+. du+ng 3 tha’ng ga^`n dda^y no’ no^?i hu+’ng ba^’t ngo+`, ddu+`ng qua(ng dde^? ddo’ xem sao, con ba` co`n nho? ho+n con tui ma^’y tha’ng ma`

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