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a good investment

Posted on: May 8, 2012

Naw, I’m not buying a house.  I’m just talking about underwear.   If you are still searching for that perfect pair of underwear, the one that would not ride up, leave marks on her legs or belly, or show parts that are meant to be covered,  you might want to check out the mighty Hanna Andersson classic briefs for little girls.  These are as good as it gets, I think.  My sister prefers jockeys and Gymboree, but I find those still too high-cut for little girls.  I want some good old fashioned undies that go further down on May’s legs rather than the high bikini sort of cuts.  With the HA ones, I can let May wear dresses without worrying about her panties showing.  The cut really resembles that of a diaper.  These are true to size, so right now May (31 lbs 36″) still wears 80/90 (xs).  She could wear the next size up as well, when I run out of the smaller ones on occasions.  They are very comfortable, and I never have to worry about May complaing about “qua^`n di’nh ddi’t con.”  HA also sells training underwear, which are triple padded.  Ebay is currently selling them for really cheap.  Both sizes xs and sm fit May.

These undies are 100% organic and very well made.  Some parents say they could hand them down through 3-4 kids so it’s worth the cost.  And they are a bit pricey: $18-$20 will buy you 3 pairs, plus shipping of course.   Every 2 or 3 months, HA website has a 20%  sale  (like them on fb and they’ll feed these promotional events to you) that would be as cheap as I have ever seen them.  Ebay sometimes have them at lower prices, but the sizes tend to be large or medium.


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Good to know!
Sophie currently wears those Disney ones. They’re pretty good, but you made these HA sound so much better. I will try

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