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nothing is going on around here

Posted on: May 16, 2012

That’s not my house.   It’s a house 2 blocks from where I live and it’s on the market for 800K right now.  Isn’t this room awesome?  More on it later.

Great weather.  May’s being a very nice 3 year old to me, that is, her melt downs continue to make me laugh more often than pissing me off, so that’s a good thing.  Fat cat has been throwing up hairballs more often than desired these days, I’m thinking it’s the hot weather that causes him to shed more hair, or it could be the litter box not being clean up to his standard.  I used to clean his shits, but Son has taken over the chore for the last few months.  I noticed that when I clean litter, I’m throwing away about 2x the amount than Son, so i’m guessing that he has not seen little clumps that fell through the scooper’s slots.  Whatever.  I cleared out the litterbox last night in hope of some improvement.  Otherwise I’m going to shave that cat’s ass.

On Sunday we did something new: we went to an open house.  There’s a really nice looking house about 5 minute’s walk from our place in Albany, so it’s up on the hill, same view, same neighborhood, nicer area.  Just for fun, my sister in law (An) and I were browsing through all the photos on the realtor’s website and making comments about possibly selling off my sister in law’s parents’ house, and Son’s parents’ house, and then use that to buy this Albany house (800K) so we all can move in to live together.  Get it?  So the plan is sell off both parents’ houses, the inlaws + parents move into An’s current house, An+ husband+baby + us + Son’s brother + 2 dogs + 1 cat all move into the 800K house on the hill.  800K house comes with 3 bed 2 bath on main floor, inlaw unit downstairs has 1 large bedroom with full bathroom, full kitchen, and large living room.  We even divided up the space: all kids go into 1 bed room upstairs, each couple gets 1 bedroom upstairs, single brother gets the in law unit.  The upside to this is that the house will always have someone at home (mostly me).  At the same time, the house will not feel over crowded because everyone have crazy work schedules:  An + husband work 10-12hrs shifts, single brother works 6 days/week, Son works 10 days on 3 days off, most of the days off spent sleeping.    Kids will grow up in a simulated environment of many brothers and sisters.  No one will have to worry about dinner because I  can cook for 10.

Since it was Mother’s day and we were all dressed up to look respectable, I said let’s just go have a look, so we went.

All of us actually liked it a lot.  The place is filled with light, beautiful view, lots of decks, connected oversized 2 car garage, bonus room with great view, laundry room, patio with sauna, backyard with dirt area for the dogs and plant boxes for gardening…  Bedrooms are good sized, lots of closet space, great floor plan.  We knew the owners didn’t put much money into renovation, because the floors are still mostly cheap carpets, vinyl, and some other cheap stuffs.  Kitchen has an old gas range, no new appliances.  Nice oversize sink.  It was a fun 30 minutes going from room to room in that house saying “well we can use this space for ____” “”this pace we can do this ….”   Maybe we did a good enough job of showing interest, so the realtor sent us the full disclosure.

Later that night, I sat down and read through the full disclosure (and for the first time in my life saw one, ha ha) while chatting with An (let’s call her little An, not to be confused with my sister An) on facebook.  Before we read the disclosure, her husband was interested enough to go back and have a 2nd look, and maybe low ball it.  But after reading the disclosure, all of us were saying, WTF, 800K for this much crap??  Forget it.  This house would have required at least 100K in work to make it up to date, and I’m not even talking about making it nice & fancy such as changing carpet or repainting wall and such.  I’m talking about structural works to prevent resettlement, resolve drainage problem, investigate and exterminate pests on the decks etc. etc..  It was fun while it lasted.  We would not have moved anyway.  We just wanted Son’s sister to move closer to us…


3 Responses to "nothing is going on around here"

woa, pretty nice view! I like it too. 🙂 selling 1 house in this kind of market is crazy enough, here you gals are thinking of selling 2 houses. It’s gonna be tough.

i wanna see a no-hair cat! must be pretty funny. lolz…

I can’t do a close shave because the cat goes berserk but I have pics of the cats looking super ghe? lo+? after I was done with them in the past

;)) . there’s also the 800K 2br here!!

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