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the toddler who eats everything – behind the scene

Posted on: May 18, 2012

If you have ever read or heard me list the things I could feed May, you over there with a picky child, might fill a bucket’s worth of drool. And May does literally eats everything I feed her. She would eat chili pepper if I feed her one, while protesting meekly of course. Poor child. I DON’T feed her chili peppers, so don’t report me! I’m just saying, that child is so trusting of her mom, she breaks my heart sometimes when I think of the enormity of the trust she placed in me. But that’s a different story.

The look behind the scene of the child who eats everything goes like this:
May: hmmm… veggies… I like to eat veggies, because they help me poop so well
May: fruits are also good for me, because fruits help me poop.
May: I need to eat fruits and veggies with everything else I eat, because they need friends.
May: And fruits and veggies need to go into my body so that it can find viruses to crush. They’ll make a pillow and bed out of the viruses and then the viruses get stuck. Then I don’t get sick.
May: this… is not veggies… it’s an herb… an herb is fragrant and flavorful, it makes my food so much better…
me: huh? really ? but I didn’t put any pepper in your food just now.
May: It’s in there somehow, it’s spicy mommy!
me: oh well, it won’t get any better, just swallow everything and the heat will go away.
me: here, have a drink of water, doesn’t water taste awesome?
May: Yes! I love drinking water, it tastes so good.
me: especially when you eat spicy stuffs huh?
May: Yes.
me: next time we’ll just eat spicy stuffs and then you can drink lots of good tasting water.

This is to say, I have made full use of my experience growing up in communist propaganda and the Church’s catechism. For every food item she eats, there’s a classification for it, a reason why it should go into her body, and a neat little slogan that she can repeat to herself again and again to further fuel her luke warm passion for stuffs that she otherwise would not care to eat.

Another day:
May: but mommy, I don’t want to try that.
me: just one bite May, I just need you to try one bite, and then after that you can tell me to stop.
me: open your mouth, come on.
me: let’s just get this over with, ok? Look, it’s not spicy at least.
May: OK

another day:
May: I think I’ve had enough mommy, I’m full.
me: yeah remember you told me that yesterday and then at nap time you were begging me for crackers because you said you were hungry?
May: yes…
me: you were about this full that time too, let’s not repeat that today OK?
May: …
me: here are some crayons and coloring books, let’s work on this one (popped another piece of food into her mouth, and fed the rest of her lunch to her while entertaining her).

I’m not that much better than the Vietnamese parents I saw in Viet Nam who goes chasing after their child with a bowl of rice. I think if I let May dictates what she would eat and how much she would eat, then she might weigh in at around 25 pounds right now, with constipation, since she would rather eat meats and starch over fruits and veggies.

Now you know.


2 Responses to "the toddler who eats everything – behind the scene"

totally agree with you, same same here with K.C 😉 I still remember those days I ran after K.C and my hubby was laughing at me because of it…
Then something knock my head, I used those words to talk to her… bam, she is good at eating everything now… and also thanks to dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham book 🙂 if EmCu tha^’y K.C a(n 1 tho+`i gian thi` no’ cu+’ the^’ ma` a(n…
A`, que^n ke^?, ho^m truo+’c 2 nho’c nha` chi. tha^’y May ga^’p co.ng rau muo^’ng nhai ro^`m ro^.m, va^.y la` ma^’y la^`n sau tui. no’ cu~ng xin a(n co.ng rau muo^’ng theo, truo+’c gio+` toa`n a(n la’ 😛

we always asked our kids just to try 1 bite despite they like it or not too. Sometimes they liked it and asked for more. Other times they just swallowed it down, and that was it. But have to try at least 1 bite.

my 2nd daughter especially loves veggies. She asks for green, eats green. Not like her older sister, who is anti-green!

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