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Costco travel + Alamo = save big $$$

Posted on: June 1, 2012

I’ve mentioned this before back in November, but I’ll say it again, Alamo’s deal for Costco members is simply awesome. In January I got 8 days of car rental from Alamo for $120 all fees included. Today I just got another 7 days of car rental from Alamo for $133 all fees included. Their 25% off plus $40 off weekly rental deal is good until June 30th of this year; National might carry similar deals since it’s the same parent company. We have never been disappointed with Alamo, they are simply our most preferred car rental company around here, especially in Berkeley. Somehow Berkeley location always have prices that are about 40% less than all other locations around the Bay Area. Same thing seems to go for Enterprise @ Berkeley location too.

Son has had a string of days off (not consecutively) since Thursday, so it has been nice. I found out that a spray bottle works well for the cat as well as for him. I couldn’t yell at him because I was busy brushing my teeth at the time. May is very happy to have both parents around, and that results in her playing by herself more rather than bugging me to participate in her games. The wall sticker set continues to hold her interest, though I should really take pictures of how it’s progressing. The first time we put it on the wall, I sort of guided her by the law of physics – houses are better set on the ground, not floating in the water, rocks are near the water or on the ground, but not on tree top, etc., etc.. Then after 2-3 days at it, she has now changed the law of nature. Everything is expanding out into white space, leaving just an empty grassy field by the big willow tree… all animals have completely left the mothership in a long string of exodus into outer space. May plays with the sticker mural while maintaining monologue with her huge pair of industrial grade earmuffs on. These stickers, in case you are wondering, are from Mona MeLisa Designs. They are removable, washable, and are fabric backed, so May has gotten some stuck onto each other (glue side on glue side) before, and I was able to peel them apart fairly easily. Totsy and Mamabargains both feature them from time to time for at least 50% off. I think it makes a great non-cluttering gift to toddlers.

Our party calendar for the weekend:
Friday – play date with Meriah and her 2 toddlers @ Totland Playground in Berkeley 11am
Saturday – 11am Madagascar 3 Premier in Emeryville, courtesy of James Entertains – the guy who came to make balloon animals for May’s birthday, he gave us 2 VIP tickets to the early premier of the movie just because, yay!
Saturday afternoon: probably heading over to Les’ new place in Oakland to help him unpack. May can open all the boxes for him.
Sunday – brunch at Nana’s, maybe late playdate at Ma. Tim’s in the evening, not sure


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