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Posted on: June 15, 2012

important points:
public services – if a business is advertised to the general public instead of a specific targeted audience, then it is public service, and is within the parameter of the intended law.
sexual orientation – protected class by law
what this obviously means is that the government is taking steps to change public’s traditional practice and or attitude/belief. artistic creation preferences, when coming up against a protected class would demonstrate PRECISELY why certain groups are in a protected class in the first place – without the law’s protection, they’ll never get anywhere.

whenever an issue regarding discrimination comes up, the question I always ask myself is, where would I be now if it hadn’t been for the trouble makers of the last century? If women, African American and other minority communities had not challenged popular beliefs, perceptions and sentiments, towards them, I would be in a very bad spot today. When it comes to subjects that you are uncomfortable with, but at the same time, you are on the fence about it, not completely for or against, then it could be your upbringing and social programing that have greatly influenced your personal belief and now deposits you to this spot, holding you back when you are trying to rationally move forward.

a lot of lawsuits regarding the protected class today: gender, sexual orientation, and disability are controversial by nature, and a lot of plaintiffs are seen as trouble makers, making mountains out of molehills. However, whatever they are disputing should be objectively separated from who they are, what the circumstance surrounding them involved (and whether you like them in person or not). The contentions they put out will further clarify the law. The nature and day to day workings of our law is fed and shaped by lawsuits, adding clarifications and precedents. Some laws originally written have now changed to protect or forbid things that the original authors had no intention of including, but that’s how our justice system work to accommodate a complex society.

therefore, in this case


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