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on the road

Posted on: June 22, 2012

Currently in D.C. metropolitan area. We landed at ~7a.m. yesterday and the temperature was climbing 80+ in Dulles. The red-eye flight from OAK to IOA was bad for me. May managed to fall asleep and stayed deep asleep for the duration of the flight, but I had a bad case of restless leg syndrome, and couldn’t sleep a wink. The flight was full, no room to stretch. Good thing I brought a standard pillow, medium firm. May was very comfortable on it. After we landed, it took us nearly 45 minutes to get a car at Hertz, and then 40 minutes to get home, mainly because the GPS was saying weird stuffs, major road constructions everywhere, and, working on 0 hour of sleep, I was in a daze.

Both Donny and Dana were still at home when we got to their house, so we just hung around, let the kids watch TV and play, keeping everything low keyed. At 11a.m. we all went up for a nap. May managed until 2pm and then she started thrashing around in the bed, so eventually I had to get up. Met up with Ma. Ti’m’s army of 14 for dinner at Blue Pearl Buffet at 7:30pm, but all 3 kids were begging to go home by 8:15pm, with May having 0 appetite due to fatigue. Dao ate well because he had not had a full meat since breakfast, and because he was learning to use his training chopsticks, so he must have eaten 2 cups of noodles.

All kids were in bed by 10pm. We got up at 10a.m. this morning and have totally caught up to East Coast time zone.


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Gặp gỡ rồi à. Hope you have a great time in D C!

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