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1 week away from home

Posted on: June 29, 2012

We have been on the road for 1 week as of today. DC is now behind us, it was a nice relaxing stay in general. I bought a full tank of gas thinking we would go to Baltimore and somewhere far for blueberry picking, but ended up not going anywhere for the most part. We did venture into DC one day, but after that, we just stayed mostly around Fairfax. Last year we stayed 3 days with the 4D’s (at the time they were 3D’s), May was cold on day 1, luke warm on day 2, warm on day 3 – when we had to leave. So with 5 days to spare this time, did things get better? May was basically luke warm the first 3 days, warmest on day 4th, and then day 5 she didn’t really get to see Dao before departure, so overall, she’s still a slow-to-warm up sort of kid.
Poor Dao was always asking for May and whatnot, and May only returned the sentiment on the last morning (the day she didn’t see him at all due to summer camp). He confused me the first night because when he wishes for someone to do something, he’d say “[that person] wants to [do whatever Dao wants]” Turns out Dao is not alone, here in Boston, CC does the exact same thing, lol. May continues to have the attention span of a gnat, so whereas Dao wants to play something for an extended period of time, May could only handle about 4-5 minutes max, and then she’s gone. I think Dao figured that out the after the first night, so he didn’t feel as rejected the following days. Only when there is an adult organising an activity for both kids to play, they would they be able to interact and keep up with that activity for a longer period of time together. I said I hope Dao will not fall inlove with May, because if one can say anything about the way she’s hanging out with her stuffed animal friends right now, it would be “fickle is her middle name.” When she got to DAo’s house, she promptly abandoned her Care Bear in favor of a plush puppy. Last night in Boston, she took a stuffed squirrel to bed. Overall the visit was great and we hope to make this into a yearly visit, though I’m not sure how things will go for us next year with a 7 month old on our hands.

Today we went to Quincy to see Tran’s family. May has memories of Boston now, as well as people from last year, so she was fairly comfortable. CC is much more out going and friendly than last year, talking up a storm. She talks very fast in comparison to May. I’ve always thought that the way May talks is normal, so I was surprised when people commented on how May talks slowly and clearly until I met Dao and CC. They both talk in a higher pitch and much more rapid than May, especially CC. MC has grown a lot of course, and she’s at a very cute age where she can be easily pleased with simple things. We are making plans for more outings this Sunday, either at the beach or at the park, but with 3 kids on hand, we’ll have to figure out the transportation thing first.

Friday I’m thinking of maybe just swimming and then some “light” shopping at the Gap in Cambridge, followed by grocery shopping at some point. Saturday An and I are borrowing someone’s fancy kitchen somewhere in Boston or Cambridge, and will be cooking ba’nh xe`o for 15 people.
Sunday will be hanging out with Tran’s family
Monday don’t know yet, maybe we’ll just be in the pool again…
someone hurry up and buy my booster seat from CL already, that way I won’t have to lug it back home…


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