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having it mild

Posted on: July 3, 2012

either everything has been alleviated by the presence of AC that could be turned on freely at An’s place in Cambridge, or it is also possible that we are experiencing a very mild summer here in Boston so far, because we have been doing very well here this year.  This is also the least ambitious trip out of the 4 trips May has had to Boston.  We have yet taken the train to Revere Beach.  We have only been to the spraying park once.  Our schedule is definitely a vacation schedule (not much different from the one we have at home anyway): waking up at 10, staying in bed until 10:30, maybe leaving the house a bit before noon, lunch around 2, nap starting anywhere from 3-5pm, some local evening activity until 8ish, dinner around 9, walk up to Harvard Square for boba after dinner, home late, bedtime around 11:30pm (for May).  We are walking significantly less than the previous years because we don’t have a stroller, and May is not being carried.  She does a very good job keeping up with me for an average of 1 mile, but with her tiny legs, it usually takes longer to get anywhere, so we only typically walk around 1.5 mile max. 

We don’t eat out as much compare to other trips, but I’m planning on a lobster meal at some point.  My hair is dried now from sitting in front of the fan while writing this blog entry, so it’s time for bed. 

edited to add:
with just 48 more hours in Boston, An and I decided to go ahead and buy an umbrella stroller to make things more pleasant for everyone. An will keep this compact item for subsequent visits. Got another one off Craigslist for $10, then paid guy $5 and told him to just deliver it. Done. May will wake up from nap this evening to a pleasant surprise. We figured this would be best for all 3 of us, since An and I love going on long walks, but May would be so exhausted trying to keep up with us. She has done her share of running the last 2 weeks, so I’m giving her a break before we head home.

During the last 2 trips, one to Hawaii and one to OC, May had asked to go home about 3-4 days into the trip. This one, however, she hasn’t asked at all. When I brought it up, May said she thinks her [stuffed animals] friends are missing her at home, but that’s about it. She must think this is her 2nd home or something.


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