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Posted on: July 8, 2012

We are now back home as of last Thursday. I was planning on giving May a day to recuperate, but all sorts of gatherings were happening up and down the bay, so May ended up being dragged from one party to another on Friday. She did very well for the most part, except her sleep hours are still messed up. We failed to get her in bed by 10pm nightly, and she still wakes up around 8:30am, being on East Coast time. Considering that she’s accruing about 4 hours of sleep shortage as of today, the kid is doing very well.
Son said she seems lighter and thinner. Possibly. She walked a lot in Boston, but did not eat more. Sometimes she ate less, just because we were constantly moving around and eating new foods. She did, however, received a huge load of junk food while on vacation, hence she’s asking for treats daily now. I had to explain to her that we are no longer on vacation, and we need to get back on track unless she wants to lose her teeth to cavities.
What a change in weather. Last week May was sleeping in a t-shirt and underwear, with the AC on all night. Now she’s sleeping in 2 pants, 2 long sleeve thermals, plus a puff coat.
Helen’s 2 grand nieces, who also call her “nana” have been visiting her in the Bay Area since last week. We managed to let the kids meet up as soon as we got back, and May got along very well with the younger child, S, who is around 7-8. S has 2 younger siblings at home, so she knows just how to handle May. As soon as the 2 grandnieces depart tomorrow, we are expecting Linh KS to arrive sometime in the evening. That will bring yet another older child to hang out with May – Keichan. I’m looking forward to it.

Things are home are shaping up nicely. Now that we have Les’s sofa set and dinning set, I’m going to round off furnishing our apt with 1 last item: a small rolltop desk for Son. He still doesn’t have a work space yet, and he needs one. I love rolltop desks, so I’m just going to get one off a guy’s estate sale down in Pleasanton somewhere. After that, the next project would be to sort through all the baby stuffs and put them into the dressers in the nursery. May’s clothes also need to be resorted and some put away. She’s going through a growth spurt right now, so most 2T items will need to go, as well as her shoes. I tried to register her for swimming classes, but the first 2 summer sessions have waiting lists and the next earliest available spot is not until late August. I put her on it anyway, as well as the other 2 waiting lists. We’ll see.

Found some sun spots on my arm. Darn. I was not walking extensively in the sun, but still got skin damage from Boston’s scorching heat. I didn’t put much sunblock on this time, because I forgot to pack my tube, but that was no excuse.

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