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the bane of pet ownership

Posted on: July 18, 2012

it’s that time again, except, having lived 3 years in York, I’ve forgotten. Strictly indoor cats get fleas, too. Argh. Fatty used to get fleas every other year while we lived in the Bay Area. Fleas would hitch a ride into our apt while we were walking outside, or from visitors, postal items, the wind… god knows. It wasn’t so much of a nuisance back then as it is now. It was more of an economic inconvenience, since flea treatments would set me back about 50-60 bucks. Now, fucking fleas are eating May alive. Just May. We got the cat on Advantage and the fuckers had a field day with May. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten on with the program, vacuuming the house at least 2x/day, covered the carpet with baking soda over night, washing everything, cleaning furniture upholstery, setting out flea traps… You name it. If you ever need a reference, this guy has it pretty much covered. It was a fun read. Overall, as I am not new to this crap, I’m just doing my usual. Except for the fleabites on May part. It’s pissing me off. I have her on lavender body products for now, will start her on a vitamin B1 supplement tomorrow (just a small amount, it’s a bug repellent, similar to eating garlic). Thinking back, it must have started back at the very beginning of June, when May was having her cold and then suddenly got this crazy welt of rash on her back for the very first time. Son and I thought it was something viral, followed by mosquito-like bite marks all over her body, appearing overnight. We thought it was a viral rash, because no one else was getting bitten. Then we traveled, no more bite marks. May came home and got bitten 4 more times, we thought it was mosquitoes. Then last week, she got some 14+ bite marks after her nap. I thought it was bed bug from all of our traveling, until I caught a fucking flea jumping around. So the cat got Advantage, which is great for him, he’s sleeping like a babe….

I’ve already cleaned the bedroom and all beddings twice, but I’ll tackle it again tomorrow, this time with the dehumidifier sucking out all moisture in the room. Hopefully that will catch whichever damn flea that might still be hiding around. Grrrrrr… From what I’ve read, sometimes kids are bitten well before the itchy spots start to show, so it could be that May gets bitten from sitting on the cat couch, not from her bed. I’m hoping that’s the case. She is instructed to walk around with a huge french lavender pillow at all times, so the kid is reeking of Provence. Helen actually gave me 2 very fancy expensive French Lavender essential oil bottles. Both Son and I have seen them around for years, but now that I actually need them, I can’t find any! My funny unscented kid is actually welcoming this assault perfume. She likes both the citrus essence and the french lavender one, and she said, put that good smelling stuffs on me again please.

So I’m a bit busy this week, possibly next week as well. Son thinks it’s because we had Ollie and Bear over multiple times, but then again, I said even if we didn’t have them, we still went to Jim and Helen’s weekly, and Helen comes over. Gina, their cat, is an indoor/outdoor cat, so there’s always a risk somewhere somehow. Maybe we didn’t have fleas in York because we had no one visiting us. We really had only one visitor every 2 months or so when we were over there…. Or maybe it’s the Bay Area, and fleas love this cool wet weather…


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