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my current affliction

Posted on: August 8, 2012

… has a korean name. It has dimples, long rabbit front incisors, a very nice mouth, beautiful eyes, and long legs. From certain angles and in certain lighting condition, I’m reminded of An, lol, though dimples are in different spots. I think mostly it’s the cheekbones and the eyes….

Good thing Son’s on his days-off stretch, so he takes May up in the morning and sends her to bed sometimes at night. You’ll have to pardon me for a bit, because, if I don’t have this pleasant distraction, the fleas are driving me up the wall, those persistent pesky buggers.

May’s swimming lesson progress report:
She’s in her 2nd day of her 2nd session. I switched her from morning class to afternoon class so she could be in the indoor pool. Her wetsuit has also come in, so now she’s very warm and comfortable. When a male instructor approached her on the 1st day, she turned into an inanimate object, so he gave up and called the only female instructor over, at which point she moved again. But she remained distracted for the rest of the lesson, so I took her into the pool for an hour today before her lesson, gave her a prep talk, she promised to do everything as her teach asks, and followed through. Except at the end, the teacher came up with a new activity that I had not gone over with her yet – submerging head completely under water. As soon as she saw a demonstration of that, May clamored for an exit out of the pool. The instructor was all, “May, May, come back, come back!” May kept on shaking her head and continued her crawl upward, lol.

2 Responses to "my current affliction"

Con tui cu~ng kho^ng chi.u nhu’ng dda^`u xuo^’ng nu*o*’c…so*. nu*O*’c vo^ lo^~ tai…

con tui thi` n’c vo^ tai no problem, ma` no’ so+. nu+o+’c vo^ mu~i lol

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