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Posted on: August 15, 2012

Son’s family just got a new member, so that kinda deprives me of my pregnant-mate. I thought I would have her until her due date in September, and Son’s mom was perhaps thinking she would follow my suit and give birth 2 weeks late, so everyone was taking their time. Her [surprise] baby shower didn’t take place until last Saturday, but for some reason my brother in law said she was nesting like crazy last week. Now we know. Good thing she was trying to put everything in order, because 24 hours after her first contraction started, her son is born via [surprise] c-section – dilated all the way to 10 inches and endured much of the journey un medicated only to find out that the baby was breached. Oh well. Everyone is doing well. Our crazy schedule was such that I barely managed to run in to drop off food 15 minutes before visiting hour was over. Son, on the other hand, was swamped with so much work, he couldn’t get home until nearly 9pm. However, he pulled his title trick, called the hospital directly and got in after visiting hour heh.

So that leaves… poor May stuck in the lobby downstairs. Because children who are not siblings to the infant cannot visit… Thing is, May is NOT a germfest right now. By the time her brother is to be born, she WILL be…

I just looked at my 1st pregnancy pictures and now I’m desperately wanting to not gain any more weight between now and November. I want that body back! I’m so darn proud of my body during that first pregnancy, nothing but lean muscles and round belly. This one is all flabby everywhere and fat, I’m sure. Watching K drama is not helping at all. I’ve moved on to Ojakgyo Brothers, but mostly i’m ffwd through everyone until I get to my eye candy’s screentime. The female lead in that series is UEE from After School pop group, and though she photographs exceptionally well, on camera she looks all wrong. her cross-eyes distract me in most of her scenes, then the weird hair color, then make up = she just looks like a really inadequate, bad match for the male lead. It’s not that I’m saying only beautiful people should hang out with each other. But, in this case, it’s because she is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous by reputation (in the show as well as in real life) and all I’m seeing are just lots of flaws, so being constantly told throughout the show that she’s super beautiful distracts me to no end.

Jackie has been visiting for the last 2 nights, leaving tomorrow’s morning. May is all excited and spewing English everywhere, Elmer Fudd style. This post has potentials to run longer, but I’m out of steam


2 Responses to "new member"

Ủa người ơi, em bé giờ được mấy tuần rồi người 🙂

😛 tui bie^’t co’ ng` ho?i ne^n tui ga(‘n ba?ng tho^ng ba’o ddo’ 😛

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