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1 week before school

Posted on: August 30, 2012

“em bé đạp bụng May nè” (look the baby is kicking in my tummy) – said as she popped and squeezed her tummy while I changed her.

Her current preferred frame of questioning is “if I do ________ while at school, then what would happen?” (nếu mà May làm như vậy ở trường thì chuyện gì sẽ xảy ra?)

Her preferred past time is spinning stories about her imaginary friends. It started with numbers 1-10 that she picked up from the toy store, she just said these numbers where hanging around the corner near the toy store, so she invited them home with her. And then the next day she got a bunch of stallions from her Little Pony show, she said they stepped out of the show and decided to crash our place. A few days ago she got sick, so she traded in her 1-10 numbers for 10 germs, but these are good germs, not bad germs, and these good germs are hanging out with her while she’s recuperating. Today she must have felt much better, because she got her imaginary numbers back, as well as a bunch of sight-words (“his” and “from” I think), and these entities went to Target with us this afternoon.

last week while at Marshalls, we picked up a Little Pony tent for May, and she has been faithfully occupying it as soon as I set it up. She didn’t stay in there all the time, but she would spend at least a few moments in there each day. I let her play with the tiny beads in there, since it’s much easier than having her spreading everything around the house. One afternoon I found her trying to take a nap in there as well, but because of our recent fleas problem, I didn’t want her to be down on the floor for nap, so I had to pull her up.

Sometimes I can’t resist teasing her, especially when I threaten to punish Son. May would be glued to the laptop watching her Trotro program, but as soon as she hears me, she would loudly protest, frantically working on unbuckling herself from the booster seat, and then running to Son’s rescue. It’s very cute.


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