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another milestone

Posted on: September 10, 2012

I’ve been pretty lazy about recording these milestones lately, but here’s one that should go down in writing (it’s rather boring actually): May’s done with naps.

For months now, she has consistently been doing a 40 minute nap everyday around 4pm, and then takes a while to fall asleep at night even though her bedtime was 11ish, waking up at 9ish in the morning, rinse, repeat. With her new preschool schedule, I just let her skip her afternoon nap, but give her down time around 5pm for about 1 hour, then to bed between 9-10. She’s able to go to sleep within 5-10 minutes, and then wakes up the next day around 10:30. That’s much closer to the 12 hours goal I have for her. She doesn’t yawn or rub her eyes mid-day, doesn’t throw tantrum or complain, i just have to make sure that we start bedtime routine by 9pm at the latest – that should be my goal. She can go on until as late as 11pm, but then the late bed hours would make her wake up earlier the next day.

We went for a 4+ mile hike today, May was so pooped by 9pm. She made some cookies with Helen earlier, while I prepared chicken pho for all of us.


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trời, ngủ trễ rứa. con tui 7g tối ngủ, 7g sáng dậy, bỏ ngủ trưa cách đây 6 tháng rồi

nha` tui party hours xu+a gio+` toa`n 11pm-11am lol

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