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more charming by the day

Posted on: September 11, 2012

May has always been charming to me, but lately she has gotten even more charming.  At nearly 3 and a half, she’s acting more like a companion, helpful when I need her to, cooperative most of the time,and generally chilled about everything.  When she does decide to throw her opinions around, or assert herself, she still manages to contradict me without sounding like a brat.  With roughly 6-7 more weeks before the baby’s due, I think I’m more sentimental about these things, thankful that I have had the last 40+ months spent exclusively with her, feeling good about my decision to do so.

Son’s sister asked me last week about how I came to decide when to have the 2nd child, and at first I was stating the obvious reasons such as I didn’t want to have to deal with a baby while first child goes through toilet training and terrible 2,  or how I wanted to wait and see Son’s career settle first… But then I remember my #1 reason – I really enjoy May’s company.  Even now when she’s in school, I still like to linger to watch her.  I only sign her up for 1/2 day, 3x/week simply because I like having her with me the other 4 days.  Some other parents tells me “they grow up so fast, don’t you miss their baby days?”  At this point, I can’t say I miss her baby days.  I love her baby days, she was also a very charming baby, but I love these days equally, and wouldn’t want to trade them.  To be fair, I’m not a baby-person in the first place, so that might explain why I find my fully conversational but undemanding toddler very appealing.  Maybe other parents’ toddlers are giving them a headache, heh.

May’s current charms can be summed up in this story:

May, Nana, and I went out for a 4 mile walk up hills and down hills on Sunday afternoon.  We walked 2 miles to reach Live Oak Park, where May spent about 40 minutes at the playground.  Then, as we headed back, I gave May a single serving (sealed) pack of Vitamin C gummy bears as energy booster.  I told her that she could hold it, and as soon as she can find a bush of French Lavender on our way back, I’ll open the pack for her.  May looked for about 1 block, then started talking about how she would share her gummy bears with her imaginary friends once the pack is opened.  Then, she offered to share her gummy bears with Nana.  Then, she simply stuck the pack into her mouth (kinda holding onto it with her teeth) and was content with that.  At that point, Nana started to look for the lavender bush herself, seeing how May has given up.  By the time we reached the foot of the hill and had to start our climb, May was completely oblivious, while Nana demanded that Mom give permission to open the pack of gummy bears NOW, because energy will be needed for the impending trek.  So, without having to beg or even work hard for it, May got to eat her gummy bears anyway (she shared the first one with Nana as promised).  She’s just carefree and happy like that, on most days.


2 Responses to "more charming by the day"

I know you’re much more than GREAT as a Mom, but I have to say that you’re lucky to have such tame child 🙂

i know i know, I’ve been counting my blessing ever since she was born, couldn’t believe my luck !

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