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Posted on: September 19, 2012

It’s the third week at school, and May is now talking to at least one teacher.  I think teacher Polly has been actively trying to engage her, so May has now warmed up to this teacher and hangs around her every now and then.  She continues to be a loner, but tells me that she does play with a friend or two (probably just parallel play).  Since teacher Polly tends to be the person in charge of outdoor activities, May has spent the last 3 school days mostly outside.  I can tell by the color of her socks.  Last week I came and saw her in her spare pair of Crocs, so I asked her how that came about.  May said she took off her socks and shoes because they got wet and muddy, then went to her cubby and fetched the spare Crocs on her own 🙂

Right now our schedule runs something like this: wake up at 9-10ish, give May her milk and cereal for breakfast, then change her clothes, brush her teeth, prepare lunch, pack lunch, have May use the bathroom before we leave the house.  Around 12-12:15 we leave the house, walking to school together.  I typically feed May along the way, or on some days, we get out of the house earlier, stopping by a restaurant near her school to have lunch, then arrive around 1pm when class starts.  I stay with May for about 20-30 minutes, not because she asks me to, but because I just like to watch.  Sometimes I play with her a bit, other times I just leave and watch from behind the fence.  around 1:30, I start heading back home.  Reach home by 2pm (it’s about 1 mile, but going uphill kicks my ass).  Some days I meet up with Helen to go for another walk, other days I start preparing dinner or run some errants.  Around 3:30, I leave the house on foot again, reaching May’s school by 4pm.  i help out with cleaning up a bit as May settles down for story time or circle time.  After that, school ends at 4:30, I give May a snack on the way home (or her lunch, if she happens to wake up very late that morning).  Some days she would ask me to let her play at the toy store across the street for a bit, so we would spend about an hour in there.  This local toy store has a lot of great stations set out for kids.  May typically hangs out near the building/lego table where she and i would build various structures to house her animals of choice.  We get home (on foot) around 5-6:30pm, wash hands, use bathroom, then May gets a glass of warm milk as I prepare to serve dinner.  Dinner is served around 7ish, then some fruits and maybe a cookie afterward.  Some nights when May catches Thien, she would ask to spend some time in Thien’s room.  I take her downstairs to begin her bedtime routine around 9pm (or for days she has not had enough sleep, we go down at 8pm): bath, brush teeth, dress for the night, read a few books, then lights off and I leave her to finish cleaning up the kitchen/house.  Some nights, like tonight, May asks for a few minutes so she can read a book to her pony, so I would leave the light on for her and go upstairs to get started on the dishes.  She would typically read for about 5 minutes, then puts the book away and turns off the light, climbing back into bed on her own.  Without her afternoon nap, May goes to sleep within 10 minutes.  I catch up with the rest of my chores once May is in bed if I’m in the mood, if not, I just do some minimal tidying up, then take a shower and retire to bed with a laptop.  On the days Son is off from work, he just inserts himself into any of the activities we have – walking May to school, feeding her lunch, picking her up, whatever.  I typically just do it with him anyway, because, like I said, I enjoy May’s company. 

In November when the baby comes, Son’s parents will probably be dropping May off at school (on foot) and then Helen will pick May up in the evening.  I have aligned May’s school days with Helen’s taichi class schedule, that way she can drop May off and then go straight to taichi nearby our house.  Otherwise, Helen lives a good 15-20 minutes away from us, hence it’s not very convenient for her (it’s not and issue to her, but I like things to be efficient).  After a month or two, I’ll probably resume walking May to school as usual, with the baby probably in the moby. 

Son has an appointment with his personal trainer tomorrow.  I’ve asked him to join a local gym, just a 10 minute’s walk down the street, and have specifically requested and searched of a personal trainer for him.  With this 2nd baby coming, Son’s role as head of the household and primary bread winner means his health needs to be in optimal condition.  We also absolutely must do something about his stress level, since it’s not going to get better with 2 kids.  I’m not someone who’s good at leaving others alone if they are in sight.  Whenever Son’s home, unless I’m pissed at him and purposely ignoring him, I would inevitably engage him one way or another, asking for help here and there, even if I know he needs to de-stress by just sitting down and mindlessly starring at his iphone.  The best I can do for him is to kick him out of the house and let him go relax else where, hence, the gym.  I hope he can make a friend out of his trainer and gain another meaningful relationship outside of work from this experience, which will boost his morale… or something… who knows.  Right now he’s kind of isolated because he works too much and is not going anywhere when he isn’t working, unless it’s to visit Jim and Helen or having lunch with some old friends every now and then – it’s about time he makes a new friend.

So that’s the project on the horizon.  After that, we’ll need to look for a new car for Son, because, again, head of the household, breadwinner, yada yada, he needs to be in a safer, better vehicle.  The process of buying a new car is not my cup of tea.  Having forced myself through the entire purchasing process last year, I’m hoping to pass it on to someone else this year so I won’t have to be stuck in the car dealer’s office for hours… 

Oh, May can now scrawl her own name.  Not beautiful to behold by any means, but you can argue that it does resemble. 


3 Responses to "progress report"

tại bên đó ngày dài hơn hay sao mà làm cái gì cũng trễ vậy trời? heehehh

Thiệt la nôn quá, còn tháng rưỡi nữa hà

Sinh hoat nha` chi. tre^~ ho*n nha em ho*n 2-3 tie^’ng.
Ma` em ghen ti. voi weather ben do’ ghe^. Ko tuong tuong duoc ben nay ma walk to school in 90F heat. Her school is the closest to our house and it’s already 3 miles, not walking friendly either due to major streets and no sidewalk most of the way. Wish we would walk though.

It’s interesting to see the huge difference between May and Sophie too.
Oh, does May read from memory or has she started to recognize more words?

she does both, she recognizes worlds because of the “meet the sight words” DVD’s, but she also memorized some of her books. Sophie differs ra sao, blog ddi thi` mo+’i bie^’t cho+’ lol

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