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May’s first “show and tell”

Posted on: September 27, 2012

After she saw what was going on at yesterday’s show & tell, I asked her if she wanted to participate, and May agreed.  This morning she chose to bring her favorite pink stuffed horse.  Nana put a name tag on it at school to reassure May that no one will take her horse away by mistake.  When it was her turn, she duly got up (not jumping with excitement, not shyly) and went up to claim her horse in front of her class.  Then she took her seat next to her teacher, and answered all questions with a very serious and intense face, starting with:

Please tell the class what is your name?

– My name is MAAAYYY (loud and clear lol)

– what do  you have to share with us today, May?

– It’s a horse

– What color is your horse?

– It’s pink and white and red.  my grandma and mom buy it for me.

– Oh, I see, your grandma and mom gave it to you?

– yes.

– does it have a name May?

– yes.

– what is your horse’s name?

– It’s Pinkie Pie letters ABC

– That’s a long name isn’t it, can you say it a bit louder so everyone can hear its name?


– do you go to sleep with it every night?

– yes.

I wished I had brought my camera along to record it, but I was charging the battery and kept on forgetting to put the battery back into the camera…  Her teachers were surprised that she chose to participate, since she was pretty much keeping to herself and not saying much during circle time.  I was surprised too.


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dễ thương quá, mà em ngựa tên hơi dài thiệt heheheh

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