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the long list

Posted on: October 2, 2012

I already started packing my hospital bag, but it’s not done yet.  I have 1001 things to do around here the last 5 weeks (or 7! like last time!) before I enter panic mode due to sleep deprivation. I think it might be easier to make a master plan that include day-by-day list of to do item:

10/2 tues

1. finish organizing all of May’s clothes for this winter + spring, put away all her 2T clothes as well as packing away 1/2 of my pregnancy clothes.

2. finish packing hospital bag

3. clear all stuffs in the baby’s room and start vacuuming that room daily until baby arrives.

4. get rid of all the foam mats currently stored in closets

10/3 wed

1. finish quilting the cradle mattress by hand and start cutting the fitted sheet for that mattress.

2. cut up batting materials for mini crib’s mattress and start putting that mattress together

10/4 thur

1. reorganize the pantry and fridge

2. iron Son’s work clothes

10/5 Fri

1. look for lost baby items – socks, swaddling blankets.

2. get a bookcase downstairs for May

3. throw out the tomato plant and mints on the deck, clear the deck.

10/6 Sat

1.go through May’s shoes to put away smaller ones and take out bigger sizes

2. take out baby gears from garage and wash.

3. dust the house

4. install the wall lamp


10/7 Sun

1. finish sewing Clifford pillow case for May

2. sew sheets for mini crib + cradle


1 Response to "the long list"

Bòn ơi em tặng chị thêm một danh hiệu nữa, Crunchy Mom!! lol
Sao siêng và khéo quá vậy nè. Lam xong cho em coi hinh nhe.
I have no luck with sewing or making things with fabric.

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