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full term & baby shower

Posted on: October 15, 2012

in August, Son’s sister had her baby shower the weekend she turned 36 weeks pregnant, and then went into labor the following Monday. Just to avoid the trend, I gave Helen and Thien the date of this Sunday, the day NHT is full term at 37 weeks. I have been adamantly against baby showers, and have made my opinion clear across town. However, predictably, I can’t get past Helen, because she’s Helen. So I got the same sort of decree from her as Son did 4 years ago when he attempted to say that he wasn’t going to walk at his graduation ceremony. Both of us could only attempt very feeble protests. But at least I get to pick my guest list and date, so that’s pretty good. Better than a surprise baby shower, I’d say.

I ended up with just a small group of friends, I think something like 8-9 parties invited, maybe 6-7 parties showed up, so the group was somewhere under 15 people. I really had to rack my brain to figure out a gift registry, because I already have everything I needed. Even though I grew up in the US, things like presents and gift registries never sit well with me. I think Son feels the same way. Both of us are quite weary of receiving gifts from people. There are some people we will always gladly accept everything they give us with gratitude, but besides those people, we don’t want to be indebted to anyone else. I see gifts as an extension of people’s hearts, and I would like to be selective about whose heart I can accept. Some people are genuine and great, but I am still reluctant to have them involved in anything that would result in them giving us gifts just because personally I don’t feel like I’m ready to accept their hearts. I try to avoid when I can. That was my main reason for not wanting a baby shower. But with this party being quite small and the people involved are those I know who would love to attend, Son and I feel more at ease. We got the chance to see some very good friends we have not seen in a while.

Helen and Thien ran the whole show, I didn’t get involved in the planning nor execution for the most parts. I helped Thien out with some food prep here and there at home, but she did 99% of the work and Helen did the other 100%. Together they gave 199%, because parties thrown by them are really that awesome. The group was small enough for everyone to find their niche and rotate around the entire afternoon to have meaningful conversations among themselves. It started around 2 and wrapped up around 5:30pm . My family and I have had a lot of fun, seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Little Miles Davis had his first outing today at 2 months old, and barely managed to sleep due to too much excitement. May had her first outing at 6 weeks, now that I think about it. MIles did better than May because at least he slept, while I don’t think May did at all. They both didn’t cry.

things I learned about making the baby mattress this past week: in addition to adding margins to account for for depth of mattress, I also need to add length, because after all the quilting, it has shortened the original length by 1.5 inches. Also, a doll needle is the way to go. Good thing i have more than 2 inches to spare, lengthwise, so I’ll just undo the rough stitches i hand-sewed and add more batting. It was a lot of work, but I just want to do everything at least once, to learn a few tricks. Next time I’ll just leave it to the professionals.

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